The SBRC has developed four possible designs to sign Murgon’s QEII Park and are seeking feedback on the design most residents would prefer

March 14, 2024

South Burnett Regional Council will hold a community consultation meeting to get feedback from Murgon residents about sign designs for QEII Park.

Council began a two-stage refurbishment of the CBD parklands in 2023.

The first stage concentrated on the eastern end of the park, and this was largely completed last August.

After this, attention switched to the western end and this work was concluded recently.

Council has now developed four possible designs for the park’s signage, and it is seeking feedback from Murgon residents on their preferred option.

The community consultation meeting will be held in the park between 10:00am and 11:00am on Friday, March 22.

Residents who are unable to attend this meeting but would like to have their say can also email the Council to lodge their opinion.


4 Responses to "Council Asks For Sign Feedback"

  1. Are you serious? It’s a sign, print it and install it. There’s more important things to do than tying up Council resources to hold feedback sessions. Design/artwork should never be a democratic process.

  2. Agree 100%. Isn’t this why we elect councillors, so they can make the “hard” decisions? No wonder we seem to be treading water. Does every little thing have to go out to public consultation? I guess we should be grateful they didn’t hire in some whizz-bang marketing consultant to try to gauge public opinion.

  3. My concern is with the colours they’ve chosen. Aren’t Murgon’s traditional colours blue and yellow? Personally I think these grey, black and purple designs are depressing. But put white lily pads on a blue background (ie water) and I think they’d look much more appealing.

  4. I agree entirely with the above comments. Always seem to “community consult” and then do what they wanna do!

    Bill’s idea of sign make-up is my choice too!

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