The four eager candidates hoping to secure the role of South Burnett Mayor on March 16

February 29, 2024

You’ve probably been seeing a lot of eager would-be councillors out and about lately … and that’s because there’s Local Government Elections coming up.

The actual election day is Saturday, March 16, but pre-poll (early voting) starts next week.

In the South Burnett, Gympie, Somerset and Toowoomba council areas, pre-poll voting will begin on Monday (March 4).

In Cherbourg, there will be just one day of early voting on Friday, March 15.

Voting in the North Burnett and Western Downs Regional Council elections is being conducted by full postal ballot, so residents in these areas will receive their ballot papers in the mail.

North Burnett and Western Downs residents do not have to apply for a postal vote, but they must be enrolled to vote with the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

Remember, no matter what Local Government Area you are enrolled in, voting is compulsory.

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Where To Vote

South Burnett

Here are the pre-poll locations for South Burnett Regional Council voters. They will all be open on weekdays from 9:00am-5:00pm from March 4 (except March 15, when they will remain open until 6:00pm):

  • Council office, 48 Drayton Street, Nanango
  • Blackbutt Library, 69 Hart Street, Blackbutt
  • Town Hall Reception Room, 45 Glendon Street, Kingaroy
  • Council office, 42 Stephens Street, Murgon
  • Council office, cnr Mackenzie & Scott streets, Wondai

Election Day voting locations (March 16 only – 8:00am-6:00pm):

  • Division 1 – Nanango State School. 39 Drayton Street, Nanango
  • Division 2 – Blackbutt State School, 25 Crofton Street, Blackbutt
  • Division 2 – Maidenwell Hall, Pool Street, Maidenwell
  • Division 3 – Coolabunia State School, cnr D’Aguilar Highway & Mary Street, Coolabunia
  • Division 3 – Kingaroy Town Hall, 45 Glendon Street, Kingaroy
  • Division 4 – St John’s Lutheran School, 84 Ivy Street, Kingaroy
  • Division 5 – Cloyna State School, 8 William Webber Road, Cloyna
  • Division 5 – Mondure Public Hall, 12 McConnell Way, Mondure
  • Division 5 – Murgon Town Hall, 78 Gore Street, Murgon
  • Division 5 – Proston State School, 94 Rodney Street, Proston
  • Division 6 – Inverlaw Farmers Hall, 1136 Kingaroy-Burrandowan Road, Inverlaw
  • Division 6 – Kumbia State School, 22 Bell Street, Kumbia
  • Division 6 – Wondai Memorial Hall, cnr Mackenzie & Scott streets, Wondai
  • Division 6 – Wooroolin State School, 34 Frederick Street, Wooroolin


Here is the pre-poll location for Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council voters. It will all be open from 9:00am-5:00pm from March 11 (except March 15, when it will remain open until 6:00pm):

  • The Ration Shed, 18 Barambah Avenue, Cherbourg

Election Day voting location (March 16 only – 8:00am-6:00pm):

  • Cherbourg Town Hall, 22 Barambah Avenue, Cherbourg

* * *

Other Councils

Locations close to the South Burnett region only:


Pre-poll voting (9:00am-5:00pm from March 4, except March 15 until 6:00pm):

  • Gympie Senior Citizens Centre, 40 Mellor Street, Gympie

Election Day voting locations (March 16 only – 8:00am-6:00pm):

  • Division 6 – Goomeri State School, 5 Munro Street, Goomeri
  • Division 6 – Kilkivan State School, 6 Council Street, Kilkivan
  • Division 6 – Lower Wonga Hall, 7 Lower Wonga Road, Lower Wonga
  • Division 6 – Pie Creek Community Hall, Herron Road, Pie Creek
  • Division 6 – Widgee State School, 2156 Gympie-Woolooga Road, Widgee


Pre-poll voting (9:00am-5:00pm from March 4, except March 15 until 6:00pm):

  • Fernvale Visitor Information Centre (Fernvale Futures Complex), 1483 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale
  • Kilcoy Visitor Information Centre (Yowie Park), 41 Hope Street, Kilcoy
  • The Rectory, 85 Ipswich Street, Esk

Election Day voting locations (March 16 only – 8:00am-6:00pm):

  • Coominya State School, 7 Cornhill Street, Coominya
  • Esk State School, 49 East Street, Esk
  • Fernvale State School, 1605 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale
  • Kilcoy Memorial Hall, Kennedy Street, Kilcoy
  • Moore Soldiers Memorial Hall, 9 Main Street North, Moore
  • Toogoolawah State School, Gardner Street, Toogoolawah


Pre-poll voting (9:00am-5:00pm from March 4, except March 15 until 6:00pm):

  • Crows Nest Service Centre, 25 Emu Creek Road, Crows Nest

Election Day voting locations (March 16 only – 8:00am-6:00pm):

  • Bowenville Memorial Hall, Bowenville-Moola Road, Bowenville
  • Cooyar State School, 16 Gracey Street, Cooyar
  • Emu Creek State School, 14534 New England Highway, Greenmount East
  • Goombungee State School, 52 Mocatta Street, Goombungee
  • Kulpi Community Hall, 1 Beckman Street, Kulpi
  • Meringandan State School, 10 School Road, Meringandan
  • Quinalow State School, 7 Progress Street, Quinalow
  • Yarraman State School, 17 John Street, Yarraman

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