Tyrone Murray with young dancer Rahzell Murray … the Wakka Wakka Dancers helped to launch the Deadly Kindy program on Tuesday in Cherbourg

February 29, 2024

A new health program for young First Nations children was officially launched in Cherbourg on Tuesday.

The Deadly Kindy program is being run in conjunction with the Cherbourg Regional Aboriginal & Islander Community Controlled Health Services (CRAICCHS) out of its clinic in Cherbourg.

Deadly Choices Ambassadors Brenton Bowen (ex-NQ Cowboys) and Bo de la Cruz (a touch football international) were on hand to promote the program, which aims to incentivise two key ingredients linked to “closing the gap”, ie. early education and regular child health checks.

The Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) has partnered with CRAICCHS to bring the Deadly Kindy program to the South Burnett.

Manager Milly Phillips said children enrolled at the Cherbourg State School kindergarten who had also undergone their annual health check at CRAICCHS would receive a special kindy kit.

A memorandum of understanding with CRAICCHS was signed last year for the program to begin in 2024.

Cherbourg Elders were invited to attend the Deadly Kindy launch to help raise awareness about the program … and take part in the Elders Games!

Visitors from the Sunshine Coast also came along to challenge Cherbourg Elders in the fun.

Larissa Chambers, from the West Moreton Deadly Choices team, urged everyone – young and old – to have their annual “715” medical check.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages can get their free 715 health check at all Aboriginal Medical Services and bulk-billing clinics.

It is a thorough check which helps to identify whether someone is at risk of illnesses or chronic conditions.

CRAICCHS Acting CEO Adam McIlvanie said the 715 checks could be completed at the CRAICCHS clinics in Cherbourg and Kingaroy; a part-time clinic is also scheduled to open in Wondai later this year.

Deadly Choices senior education officer Kendi Grant, engagement officer La Toya Enoch and manager Milly Phillips with some of the Deadly Kindy kits
Deadly Choices Ambassador, former NRL player Brenton Bowen, with West Moreton team leader (and champion athlete) Larissa Chambers
Brisbane visitors who came up for the Elders Games included Allan Payne, Monty Murray, Gordon Langton and Crow Conlon
The Cherbourg Radio team, Michael Monk, Arlene Langton and Kimberly Barrett, with Deadly Choices Ambassador – and touch footy international – Bo de la Cruz … the radio station was broadcasting live from the launch
Cherbourg Elders Aunties Sandra Morgan and Grace Bond
Getting ready for the Elders Games … Aunties Belita Gadd, Ada Simpson and Iris Glenbar
Sam Little, Nathan Dean and Selina Hasler, from CRAICCHS
The Elders Games gets under way under the watchful eyes of the Deadly Choices team members

* * *


The launch of the Deadly Kindy program was accompanied by a performance from the local Wakka Wakka Dancers:


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