Four views of a proposed new kindergarten that will be built next to several vacant residential blocks at 101 Alford Street in Kingaroy, a low-density residential area three blocks from the CBD
An overhead view showing how acoustic fencing will shield adjoining residential properties from excessive noise

February 28, 2024

South Burnett Regional Council has given development approval for a new childcare centre on the former Canowindra site in Kingaroy, despite concerns from some local residents about noise and parking.

The project – to build a kindy that could accommodate 54 children and 15 car parking spaces at 101 Alford Street – was originally approved by the Council in April 2022.

However, developers Atherton Childcare Investments Pty Ltd submitted a revised design to the Council last October.

The amended design proposed expanding the childcare centre’s floor area by 16 per cent to accommodate 66 children; increasing the number of car parking spaces from 15 to 17; and raising the roof level by about 300mm.

Officers told the Council the proposed changes were minor amendments to the original design.

They said two objections to the development had been received, one with concerns about noise and the other with concerns about parking.

But they believed the developers had adequately answered both of these in the amended design and recommended Councillors approve the project.

Officers also noted the developer wanted to take advantage of the Council’s current development incentive scheme.

This would mean construction of the childcare centre would need to be completed by December 31, 2025.

The motion to approve the revised design was moved by Cr Kirstie Schumacher, seconded by Cr Danita Potter and carried unanimously.

The floor plan for the kindy’s main building, which will cater to very young children
What 101 Alford Street looks like right now


2 Responses to "Kindy Project Gets Go-Ahead"

  1. Good that the go ahead has been given. A great site too long left undeveloped.

    Let’s hope the good news keep coming with further developments, especially townhouses or units to house our growing South Burnett community.

  2. Glad to see the project is going ahead, a worthwhile addition to the community. With both parents needing to work these days just to keep their heds above the financial waters, safe child care is a social necessity.

    I do hope parents from lower socio-economic backgrounds are either subsidised by the government or means-tested so their children can benefit from this early learning program.

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