Toowoomba Regional Council has released its new arts, culture and heritage policy …. the South Burnett Regional Council is currently working on an Arts, Culture and Heritage strategy of its own

February 22, 2024

Copies of Toowoomba Regional Council’s key policy guiding the creative arts, Connecting Through Creativity, are available from Council service centres, libraries and art galleries.

The document is also available to download as a PDF from Council’s website (see below).

The strategy is designed to inform future arts and cultural policy and planning, programming and funding priorities.

It outlines TRC’s commitment to recognising and valuing the role of the arts, culture and heritage sectors within the community and how it intends to develop and strengthen partnerships with key sector representatives and groups.

The five-year strategy sets the direction for enhancing the arts across the region, while identifying new opportunities for cultural expression.

It was developed with the assistance of public feedback and directed by national, state and local policies.

Footnote: The South Burnett Regional Council is currently working on the development of an Arts, Culture and Heritage strategy for the South Burnett after it adopted an amended version of its former Arts, Culture and Heritage Policy in March 2022; the strategy is being overseen by its Arts and Heritage Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from all the region’s leading arts organisations.


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