The photograph which has been shared widely on social media in recent days

February 16, 2024

Two candidates for the upcoming South Burnett Regional Council election have come out publicly against the erection of 5G towers.

Gerald Daly, a candidate for Division 4, and Wendy Hazelton, a candidate for Division 2, commented on a viral photograph (at right) posted on the South Burnett Community Awareness Group Facebook page on Friday morning.

Ms Hazelton is an administrator for the group.

Michelle Anderson, who organised last year’s protest rally against the erection of a 5G tower in Redmans Road, Kingaroy, is also an admin of the group, as is Roni Carr, who shared the viral image.

The photograph, allegedly of a sign affixed to a pole at an unknown location, has been shared widely in the past few days on X (formerly Twitter) as well as other social media platforms.

It may have been posted originally on X in the United Kingdom by “Concerned Citizen”.

The sign claims that exposure to 5G signals can cause “headaches, insomnia, cognitive fog, fatigue, tinnitus, vision problems, heart issues, flu-like symptoms, muscle and nervous system problems” and will damage “humans, animals and plants” up to “several hundred feet away”.

Mr Daly commented “Do you think we should have these stickers made and place them on all the poles” and Ms Hazelton replied “Yes let’s do it …”

The Facebook group was formerly known as “The Burnett Progress Community” and earlier, “South Burnett Freedom Community”.

Ms Hazelton has been contacted for comment.

* * *

ARPANSA – the Australian Radiation and Nuclear Protection Agency (a Federal Government agency) and the World Health Organisation have both examined scientific evidence regarding possible health effects from base stations.

“Current research indicates that there are no established health effects from the low exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) from mobile phone base station antennas,” according to ARPANSA.

Telstra has so far rolled out more than 4900 5G sites across Australia, providing 5G coverage to 85 per cent of Australia’s population.

It aims to expand this to 95 per cent coverage by mid-2025.

According to the company, after extensive testing EME levels were found to be similar to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

“The EME levels measured were found to be well below the safety limits, and in many cases, over a thousand times lower,” according to the Telstra website.

“We continually monitor our network and the ACMA conduct EME compliance audits.

“Independent health authorities require us to meet their safety standard so that you can use this technology safely.”

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4 Responses to "Candidates Back Anti-5G Campaign"

  1. I wonder if they were elected if there will be a push for Council to offer free tin hats instead of free entry to the dump?

    I guess we will never know because it would involve 5G to upload photos and comments, help voters understand their plans and lecture me with their truth.

  2. I am amazed that some people still are unaware of the dangers of 5G, they are obviously still watching & believing what they see & hear on the TV. If they would only put a brick through their TV, all channels of which are funded by corporations with vested interests, & listen to the now thousands of scientists who are protesting against the dangers of these electromagnetic towers & antennas being installed all over the place, they would learn the truth.

    How can anyone possibly believe that Telstra would be telling the truth about these horrors when the removal of them would obviously affect their profit margin! Follow the money folks!

    Councils & councillors are following the “Green Agenda” because they have signed and are obeying a UN document, ICLEI. They are NOT working for us, they are working for the UN & are currently committing treason.

    To be fair, they probably didn’t know what they were signing but certainly, in the South Burnett at least one does because two years ago I told him.

    We need new knowledgeable people in this country who care about the safety of the people & will stand up & fight for it, not the majority of those in power who simply say “How high Sir?” and happily take their thirty pieces of silver.

    • In case our readers don’t know, ICLEI is an international organisation which supports sustainability.

      “ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is a global network working with more than 2500 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. Active in 125+ countries, we influence sustainability policy and drive local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development. Our Members and team of experts work together through peer exchange, partnerships and capacity building to create systemic change for urban sustainability.”

      In Queensland, Mackay, Beaudesert and Brisbane council are members. The South Burnett Regional Council is not.

  3. All l know is the telecommunications companies have deep pockets and the SBRC has a loose change purse as their budget, and it’s ratepayers money. As a democracy, let’s see at the ballot box the support against 5G.

    In my opinion, there are bigger issues in the SB, like building stronger communities, lower rates, better water supply and quality, and of course decent roads. If my car has to be roadworthy, why isn’t the road car worthy?

    Unfortunately, libraries, pools and parks are a necessary asset but do we need so many? Honestly, when did you last use all three in a week or a month? For me, personally, it would be 30 years. But still we keep and maintain for a very small minority. When push comes to shove, be honest.

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