CEO Chatur Zala, Deputy Mayor Tom Langton, Mayor Elvie Sandow, Cr Fred Cobbo, Pastor Max Conlon, Cr Leighton Costello and Cr Bronwyn Murray (Photo: CASC)
Mayor Elvie Sandow presented Pastor Max with a thank you gift (Photo: CASC)

February 8, 2024

Cherbourg councillors joined together on Wednesday to farewell long-serving AIM Pastor Max Conlon, who is moving to Brisbane.

They thanked him for the work has has done over the years, and bowed their heads as he prayed with them for the future of the community.

Pastor Max was raised in Cherbourg but his ministry took him away from the town.

“I wanted to come home,” he told the councillors.

“I planned to come home for four years and about 24 went by!”

Pastor Max said he had experienced a lot of joys and happiness in Cherbourg but also a lot of “downs”.

However, he had always tried to contribute back to the community which he loved.

Pastor Max said he was moving to Brisbane to assist his wife, who has health issues, but leaving Cherbourg wasn’t an easy decision to make.

A ministry team would be replacing him but he would still be overseeing the church, as well as helping to train young people in leadership and pastoral ministry.

Pastor Max Conlon prays with the Cherbourg council team (Photo: CASC)


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  1. I wish you and your wife all the best. How is Marley travelling these days? Best regards, Pam Dwyer (past teacher of Marley)

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