Meet the new “King” of the Kingaroy Speedway, young Victorian driver Dylan Barrow who has been getting racing tips from overseas

January 29, 2024

Local hero Josh Harm made history at this year’s Kings Royal at Kingaroy Speedway, but it wasn’t enough to take the crown after three nights of hectic racing.

Late on Saturday night, Victorian driver Dylan Barrow came out on top in an action-packed 50-lap A Main Final.

Harm had won all five of his heats during the first two days of the Modifieds carnival, the first time this has happened in the 12-year history of the Kings Royal.

At the end of Thursday and Friday night, Harm had accumulated 180 points, assuring himself of a spot on the front of the grid for Saturday’s $15,000 final.

Maryborough driver Joel Berkley was next, with 159 points while Barrow was back in fifth spot with 141.

The annual Kings Royal, the richest event for Modified sedans in Australia, is a race of attrition, testing drivers’ stamina as well as their vehicles.

After 35 heats, nine “Dashes” and seven “Pole Shuffles”, 24 drivers were left on Saturday night to compete in the final.

Other South Burnett drivers to earn a berth included Brett Barron (who won Heat 25 and Pole Dash D) and Ben Stead who scraped in by coming 6th in the B Main.

Pacey Clegg, who earned a spot in the B Main after winning an earlier Pole Dash, came ninth, just missing out on the final.

The atmosphere for the A Main final was electric, with organisers rushing as they were concerned rain spotted on the radar could be heading towards Kingaroy.

However, there was still time for the fireworks to be let off as the 24 finalists came out on to the track.

The loudest cheers from the crowd were reserved for Harm when he took up his spot at the head of the pack.

But the fairytale ending wasn’t to be … Harm finished fourth, missing out on the podium in circumstances which caused some discussion after the race.

Declared third placegetter Brett Baxter crashed into the wall within metres of the chequered flag.

Barron was a lap behind in seventh while Stead retired with 15 laps to go but still picked up a cash prize for coming 17th.

The other Kings Royal front runner, Maryborough driver Joel Berkley, had mixed success over the weekend.

After qualifying on the front row in the Royal, Berkley was holding down third spot when a flat tyre forced him to retire after 36 laps.

However, earlier in the night he had charged home to win the final of the Production Sedans Stampede, competed across Friday and Saturday nights.

The biggest crash of the weekend occurred with 24 laps to go in the Stampede final when Bundaberg driver Brad Scherer’s vehicle tried to climb the wall near the main entrance to the track.

Rescue crews rushed to the wreck, but Sherer climbed out on to the roof unharmed to salute the crowd.

On Friday night, Sunshine Coast driver Sarah Franz dominated to take out the 20-lap final of the Queen’s Royal (Top Stars) with South Burnett drivers Michelle Barbeler and Sheree Barron in third and fourth spots.

Earlier, Amy Harm won the the Queen’s Royal (New Stars) for the second year in a row.

Dylan Barrow takes the chequered flag around the peanut bowl in a victory lap after his Kings Royal win
Sunshine Coast driver Sarah Franz received the crown and trophy for taking out the Queen’s Royal Top Stars final on Thursday night

* * *

Raw video of the parade before Saturday night’s start of the 2024 Kings Royal final for Modified Sedans at Kingaroy Speedway. Fireworks were let off as the vehicles circled the track.

* * *

Gallery Of Photos

Dylan Barrow on his way to victory in the $15,000 A Main final of the Kings Royal on Saturday night
Joel Berkley was looking strong in the Kings Royal final before a flat tyre forced him out
Local driver Brett Barron found himself stuck in traffic in the Kings Royal final
Kingaroy driver Ben Stead unfortunately finished his Kings Royal campaign parked up against the wall in the final
Josh Harm and eventual second placegetter Chris Pagel battle it out in the Kings Royal final
Outlaw Go-Karts took to the Junior Motorcycle Speedway track on Thursday night to provide some different racing for spectators to enjoy during a break after the Modified heats
Tim Weir was too strong in the final of the National 4s on Saturday night
Mitchell Bayfield rolled his ride during the Junior Sedans Top Stars final on Friday night … Bayfield emerged from the spectacular rollover unscathed
Josh Berkley may have had no luck in the final of the Kings Royal but he was No 1 in the Production Sedans Stampede
Eventual Kings Royal winner Dylan Barrow runs into traffic during Heat 17 of the Modifieds
Leonie Knight looks to be heading the wrong way in Heat 17 of the Modifieds

Josh Harm was all smiles after his third straight win in the Modified heats on Thursday night

Amy Harm had an even bigger smile after winning the Queens Royal New Stars final
Joel Berkley overcame tough opposition to take out Heat 19 in the Modifieds
Brett Barron racing in Heat 20 of the Modifieds … Barron went on to win Heat 25 on Friday night
Chris Hams was smoking up the track during Heat 21 of the Modifieds
There was plenty of action on Saturday night in the B Main of the Modifieds, including this coming together with 14 laps left to run
The large crowd applauds as young driver Dylan Barrow is crowned King of Kingaroy in his first major win

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Kings Royal

1. Dylan Barrow
2. Chris Pagel
3. Brett Baxter
4. Josh Harm
5. Brodie Boss

Queens Royal (Top Stars)

1. Sarah Franz
2. Dakota Laverty
3. Michelle Barbeler
4. Sheree Barron
5. Ellen Vagg

Production Sedans

1. Joel Berkley
2. Jaiden Healey
3. Murray Dioth

Queens Royal (New Stars)

1. Amy Harm
2. Ashleigh Hardy
3. Shell Yarrow

National 4s

1. Tim Weir
2. Cameron Taylor
3. Troy Rogers

Street Stocks

1. Matt Nelson
2. Dale Morrison
3. Nathan Macdonald

Junior Sedans (Top Stars)

1. AJ Macdonald
2. Jackson Kunny
3. Jackson Bailey

Junior Sedan (New Stars)

1. Jake Synnott
2. Tyler Beer
3. Ethan Jenner

  • Full results for all events are available online
Kings Royal podium … Josh Harm, 4th;  Chris Pagel, 2nd;  Dylan Barrow, 1st;  Brett Baxter, 3rd; and Brodie Boss, 5th
Queens Royal (New Stars) podium … Ashleigh Hardy, 2nd; Amy Harm, 1st; and Shell Yarrow, 3rd
Queens Royal (Top Stars) podium … Dakota Laverty, 2nd; Sarah Franz, 1st; and Michelle Barbeler, 3rd


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