CASC Economic and Community Development manager Sean Nicholson

December 21, 2023

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s economic and community development manager, Sean Nicholson, has been appointed chair of the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation (BIEDO).

This follows the resignation of chair John Zahl at the group’s recent annual general meeting.

The Board for 2023-24 are chair Sean Nicholson, vice-chair Claire Kapernick, treasurer Ros Heit, secretary Melinda Jones (NBRC representative) and Board members Kathy Duff (SBRC representative) and Matt McCauley.

BIEDO is also taking applications to fill four vacant Board positions.

For more information about these positions, email BIEDO general manager Mistrel Badesso

Ros Heit for South Burnett Division 6
Vote 1 Kathy Duff for South Burnett Mayor


Vote 1 Jane Erkens for Division 1
Vote 1 Scott Hernschen for Division 6

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