The speed limit of a section of the Bunya Mountains Road is being lowered to 40km/h (Digital collage)

December 8, 2023

The speed limit will be reduced to 40km/h along a 600m section of Bunya Mountains Road to improve safety in the Bunya Mountains township.

TMR Regional Director (Southern Queensland Region) Bill Lansbury said the reduction from 60km/h to 40km/h was in response to community concerns.

“High pedestrian activity signage will also be installed in this location to remind motorists to watch out for other non-vehicular road users,” Mr Lansbury said.

“The speed reduction and signage will improve safety for the Bunya Mountains community and motorists.

“Our safety team undertook a review of the speed limit, taking several important factors into account including crash history, traffic volumes, types of road users, the geometry of the road and its function in the road network.

“The findings were presented to the local Speed Management Committee, consisting of representatives from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police Service and South Burnett Regional Council, which endorsed the proposed speed limit change.

“The new speed signs have been ordered and will be installed as soon possible after manufacture.

“I urge all motorists to look out for the new speed signs and be aware of the changed speed limits on Bunya Mountains Road.

“I also want to remind motorists to always drive to the conditions and reduce their speed in wet weather or other adverse conditions.”

The 600m section extends from west of the Bunya Avenue intersection (the turn-off to Dandabah) – past the Rural Fire Brigade Shed – to east of the Tolmie Street intersection.

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