Deb Emery (South Burnett CTC Youth and Family Services), Paddy “The Can Man” Weber, Dana Coe (Bill Hull Car Centre) and Lee-Anne Reinbott (South Burnett CTC Youth and Family Services)

December 8, 2023

What can you do with 29,000 cans and bottles? Well, if you’re Paddy “The Can Man” Weber, you can carefully collect them and then make a big difference in the lives of people struggling at Christmas.

On Friday morning, Paddy and his wife Di, announced the results of 12 months of dedicated recycling:

  • $1200 worth of food items donated to the South Burnett’s annual Christmas Food Drive = 12,000 cans
  • $300 worth of handbags and toiletries to Uniting Care for disadvantaged women = 3000 cans
  • $1000 to Tara Neighbourhood Centre to help the victims of the recent bushfire = 10,000 cans
  • $400 to the Smith Family to help parents get their children back to school = 4000 cans

Paddy and Di said the cost of living was rising so high, and people were doing it tougher than ever, so they had collected as many cans and bottles as they could.

They just wished they could do more for the community to help people get over rough spots.

“We live in a great community with so many amazing people,” Paddy said.

He would like to thank the following for helping him with the cans and bottles:

  • The Western Performance Club, Nanango
  • Kumbia Race Club
  • Family and friends, including Peter Chapman, and workmates
  • South Burnett Regional Council for letting him put collection bins in all the depots
  • The public for contacting him and giving him bottles and cans

“Everyone should feel really proud,” Paddy said.

“You are all charity donors and have given the greatest gift of all, ‘kindness’.

“A big thank you to every one of you.

“I would also like to thank the workers at Containers For Change for being happy and smiling as they counted every bottle and can in the sweltering heat.”

Anyone who would like to donate 10c-refundable cans and bottles to The Can Man’s next drive, should contact Paddy on 0437-449-260.

Paddy said he was also happy to give 5 cents per can or bottle.

“Please keep these out of landfill,” Paddy said.

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Paddy Weber also donated 20 bags packed with toiletries to Donna M., from UnitingCare, for women in need

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  1. That’s a fantastic effort and the generosity shown by Paddy and Di every year is just wonderful! They really are extraordinary people!

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