Simple things such as security lighting and locked doors will deter many opportunistic thieves (Photo: QPS)

December 7, 2023

Police will be boosting patrols over the summer holidays as part of a statewide focus to prevent home break-ins.

During Operation Victor Unison, officers will conduct extra patrols in residential areas to deter and disrupt thieves.

Police typically see a rise in residential properties being targeted at this time of the year by opportunistic thieves seeking to exploit unattended or unsecure premises.

December-January are key months, with unlawful entry offences spiking in both 2021-22 and 2022-23.

In one-in-three offences, the thieves gained entry via an unlocked door.

Acting Superintendent Rob Fleischer said there were a range of simple strategies which homeowners could implement to strengthen their home security.

“Before heading off on holidays, make sure doors and windows are locked, including your garage door, and outside items are secured,” he said.

“I’d also encourage residents to go through the QPS Home Security Guide (300kb PDF) on the QPS website and review your security plan.

“While we know some basic security measures won’t stop all offences, it will be enough to prevent the vast majority of would-be thieves.”

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Top 5 Home Security Tips By QPS

  • Ensure doors are always locked with a key, even when you are home
  • Ensure that all external doors, including your garage, are solid and fitted with quality deadlocks
  • Always ensure car keys and house keys, together with mobile phones, handbags, and wallets, are stored out of sight
  • Lock away items of value such as bikes, lawn mowers and garden implements such as ladders; always keep your garage or shed door closed and locked with a key
  • Consider installing perimeter security lighting, including sensor lights

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Security precautions can deter opportunistic criminals …

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