A burst water main cut town water supplies to Nanango on Saturday morning, but services should be restored this afternoon after Council staff effected emergency repairs

December 2, 2023

A burst main cut water supplies to Nanango early on Saturday morning.

Cr Jane Erkens said the incident had drained reservoir supplies, cutting services to residents connected to the town’s water system.

Council staff attended to the incident promptly and had the breach sealed by noon.

Cr Erkens advised that residents should be able to receive water this afternoon.

However, normal flow rates will be reduced until the system’s reservoir can top up again.

She said staff had told her last night’s storms did not appear to have played any role in the incident.

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One Response to "Burst Main Cuts Nanango’s Water"

  1. It would nice if it was fresh drinkable and not the filth that’s supplied to the people of Nanango. We do live in Australia.

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