Heritage Bank will rebrand itself as the People First Bank next year after a recent merger made it Australia’s largest mutual lender with more than $23 billion in assets under management

November 29, 2023

Heritage Bank is going through a re-branding process which will see branches being renamed to “People First Bank” next year.

This follows the merger of Heritage Bank and Adelaide’s People’s Choice on March 1 this year.

The merger means People First Bank is now Australia’s largest mutual lender, with 730,000 customers, 2000 employees and $23bn in assets.

A statement to customers said “People First Bank” was building on the strengths and values of both organisations over their almost 150-year history while standing out in today’s highly competitive banking environment.

“We went through a comprehensive process to choose what our new name would be,” the statement continued.

“This included market research to gain a deeper understanding of our people’s and our members’ preferences and expectations for our new brand.

“These insights were instrumental in shaping the brand to reflect the deep roots and values of both organisations.

“We know this is a big change, so we’ll be taking things one step at a time. For now, both the Heritage Bank and People’s Choice brands and your banking will continue to operate as usual and there is no need to do anything.

“We will gradually introduce People First Bank across our products, services and branches in a phased process from mid next year.”

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