Emergency Services and Police Minister Mark Ryan

November 28, 2023

The State Emergency Service will shift from under the umbrella of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services to Queensland Police under legislation introduced into State Parliament on Tuesday.

Emergency Services and Police Minister Mark Ryan said the legislation, which also supports a new Marine Rescue service, would “help our emergency services to modernise our service delivery arrangements, allocate resources where it’s needed most, and simplify our operational structures”.

The changes are incorporated into three Bills:

  • The Emergency Services Reform Amendment Bill 2023
  • The Marine Rescue Queensland Bill 2023
  • The State Emergency Service Bill 2023

Marine Rescue Queensland will also be hosted by Queensland Police.

The State Government says the SES will gain its own operational budget, more staff and more resources, including safety equipment, vehicles and vessels.

The changes are due to come into effect by July 1 next year.

Further legislative amendments are also planned to create a new Queensland Fire Department incorporating the Rural Fire Service as its own entity.

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