FLASHBACK: The Cherbourg Radio team … from left, Michael Monk, Tara Priestley, Arlene Langton and Kimberly Barrett with then-trainee Shannon Keyes, third from left, in 2020

November 27, 2023

Cherbourg Radio, better known as “Us Mob”, has won an award at the prestigious First Nations Media Awards held in Canberra last week.

The station picked up the trophy for “Best Promo or Station ID” award for its “D’arin Djanum – Parenting Tips for Mob” segments which came out of the Triple P parenting program.

The award presentation acknowledged the work done by station co-ordinator Michael Monk, broadcaster / content creator Arlene Langton, and broadcasters Kimberly Barrett, Tara Priestly and the late Harold Chapman.

“We know this really was a ‘whole of community’ project that involved much research and consultation with parents and Elders, educators and mentors to ensure that the messages are culturally appropriate for our mob,” a station spokesperson said on Friday.

“This has become a wonderful resource for mob here in Cherbourg and is being shared and implemented in other First Nations communities.

“To everyone involved (you know who you area), this award recognises each and every one of you.”

A screenclip from the awards night acknowledging Cherbourg Radio’s success

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