Partners In Foster Care team leader Angie Dingle, left, and manager Brenda Brown, right, with South Burnett CTC CEO Jason Erbacher at the campaign launch on Friday … the colouring-in books that they are holding will soon be appearing in businesses throughout the region to help raise awareness

November 24, 2023

A campaign to tackle a critical shortage of foster carers in the South Burnett was launched in Wondai on Friday morning.

South Burnett CTC’s “Partners In Foster Care” hosted the start of the recruitment drive, which features videos, a media campaign … and even colouring-in books.

The aim is to raise awareness about the vital role that foster carers play, both for the children involved as well as the wider community.

And – as the carers themselves pointed out – the role can also be very emotionally rewarding.

Local parent, Josie, has fostered more than 50 children.

“We’ve never seen a child not improve with love and time. Kids have one chance of childhood, you’d be helping them to heal and grow,” Josie said.

Partners in Foster Care has provided 160 placements for children on protection orders throughout the region during the past 12 months, but the demand continues to grow.

The service recruits, trains, assesses and supports foster and kinship carers, whether it is an emergency placement or short-term or long-term care.

“We need potential carers to step up, and we need them to step up now,” CTC CEO Jason Erbacher said.

“Kids in our region deserve a safe place to call home. Every young person deserves a fair go.”

The recruitment campaign includes videos capturing the stories of carers as well as a young person who was in care.

Lateesha Haim said being in foster care from eight years of age was the best thing to have happened to her.

Now 21, Lateesha appealed for more people to support children like her.

“For someone else to be able to take on kids and love them as their own, it really changes your life,” she said.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster carer or supporting the campaign has been urged to contact CTC’s Partners in Foster Care

Ida Bligh is also featured in the CTC campaign … from left, Joan Franks (Child Safety), Sharon Beggs (CTC), Ida Bligh, from Cherbourg, and Rhonda Chapman (CTC)
Lateesha Haim, who is featured in one of the videos, was in foster care … this year she was a finalist in the South Burnett Training Awards

* * *

One of the videos released by CTC on Friday:

Ros Heit for South Burnett Division 6
Vote 1 Kathy Duff for South Burnett Mayor


Vote 1 Jane Erkens for Division 1
Vote 1 Scott Hernschen for Division 6

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