Lisa Anderson was presented with a Life Membership of the South Burnett Rugby League by SBRL president Greg Pomfret at the awards presentations at Nanango on Saturday

November 20, 2023

Years of service to South Burnett rugby league were recognised on Saturday when former Nanango resident Lisa Anderson was presented with life membership of the SBRL.

Lisa’s involvement began with her children playing for the Stags but she also served as the Nanango club secretary and was the inaugural QRL operations manager in the South Burnett.

The presentation of Lisa’s Life Membership was just one of the many highlights of Saturday’s 6th annual South Burnett Rugby League trophy presentations.

Young players who had represented South Burnett, Wide Bay and Burnett teams were recognised, as well as the trophy winners in the South Burnett senior rugby league competition.

And for the first time, an SBRL Team Of The Year was selected from senior players across all clubs (see below).

Hundreds of junior and senior rugby league players – and their family members – turned out for the afternoon event at Fred Kassulke Oval in Nanango.

Club activities from across the year were acknowledged, including Murgon Mustangs’ Domestic Violence Awareness round, the Nanango Stags’ Old Boys Day, Wondai Wolves’ Mini-Mods Carnival and the Kingaroy Red Ants’ Pink Day.

The Beyond The Nest (BTN) program ran five training days plus an annual camp which attracted 71 boys.

In 2024, day sessions for girls will be added to the next BTN camp, which will be held in January.

Senior representatives from Queensland Rugby League were also present: Central chairman Danny McGuire, and CEO (and former Maroon, Bronco and North Sydney Bear) Ben Ikin.

Ben thanked all the volunteers (and parents) for their hard work during the season.

He said that across Queensland there were 20,000 rugby league volunteers who managed 68,000 participants in 34 leagues.

Danny McGuire announced that the dates for the 47th Battalion Carnival would be moving in 2024, and the South Burnett will be the host.

The carnival will be held on the weekend of July 13 instead of the Anzac Day weekend.

Junior rep co-ordinator Carl Braithwaite, SBRL vice-president Scott Prendergast, QRL Central chairman Danny McGuire and QRL CEO Ben Ikin
South Burnett Rugby League sponsor Ken Mills with Eamon Viner, the new Dealer Principal at the Mills Motor Group in Kingaroy
Chairs, tables and gazebos were sprinkled around Fred Kassulke Oval at Nanango for the trophy presentations
Ribbons, shields and trophies awaiting distribution before the start of proceedings

* * *

2023 Team Of The Year

Coach Ryan Sullivan, left, and QRL CEO Ben Ikin, right, with the 2023 South Burnett Team of the Year

The South Burnett Rugby League Team Of The Year was selected from senior players across all clubs:

Fullback: Harry Sterling
Wing: Michael Aubrey
Wing: Maurice Fisher
Centre: Josiah Alberts
Centre: Toby Schmidt
Five-Eighth: Keith Gadd Jnr
Halfback: Toby Broomhall
Prop: Matt Allen
Prop: Anthony Gray
Hooker: Locky Price
2nd Row: Andrew Champney
2nd Row: Kaia Williams
Lock: Connor Sullivan
Reserves: Buddy Stanley, George Fisher, Vinnie Law, Patrick Alberts
Coach: Ryan Sullivan

* * *

2023 Eagles Of The Year

The prestigious South Burnett Junior and Senior Eagle of the Year awards were presented to representative players that have exhibited the values of the inclusiveness, courage, excellence, and teamwork:

  • Female Junior Eagle of the Year: Abbie Renouf-Dowdle
  • Female Senior Eagle of the Year: Holly Patton
  • Male Junior Eagle of the Year: Fletch Prendergast
  • Male Senior Eagle of the Year: George Fisher

Ben Ikin presented the male Junior Eagle of the Year Award to Fletch Prendergast

Life Member Lisa Anderson presented the female Senior Eagle of the Year Award to Holly Patton

* * *

A Grade Awards

SBRL Ken Mills Isuzu Ute A Grade awards:

  • Senior Top Try Scorer: George Fisher (Cherbourg Hornets)
  • Senior Top Points: Harry Sterling – 154 points (Kingaroy Red Ants)
  • Senior Top Goal Scorer: Harry Sterling – 57 conversions (Kingaroy Red Ants)
  • Senior Player of the Year: Matt Allen (Kingaroy Red Ants)
  • Club Champions: Cherbourg Hornets
  • Best Club Person of the Year: Kalchiri Jacobs (Cherbourg Hornets)
  • SB Volunteer of the Year: Jared Hinds (Wondai-Proston Wolves)
  • Bill Oliver Delegate of the Year: Tee-Arna Doggett (SBRL)
  • Ken Mills Toyota Referees’ Best & Fairest Player: Andrew Champney and Blake Augustine (Kingaroy Red Ants)
  • Ken Mills Toyota Referees’ Encouragement Award: Triston Greaves (Murgon Mustangs)
  • Ken Mills Toyota Junior Referee of the Year: Harrison Braithwaite
  • Ken Mills Toyota Senior Referee of the Year: Andy Dascombe
  • Bobby Cuthbertson Award – Pride and Passion: Lawson Braithwaite (SB Eagles)
  • Allan Trunks BTN Values & True Spirit Award: Harrison Braithwaite (SB Eagles)
  • Blake Mara BTN Staff Appreciation Award: Carl Braithwaite (SBRL)
Ben Ikin with Senior Top Try Scorer of the Year George Fisher … George also was awarded the prestigious male South Burnett Senior Eagle of the Year Award

Top points scorer & top goal kicker Harry Sterling

Senior Player of the Year … Matt Allen
Patrick Alberts and Cherbourg Hornets president Ian Saltner with the Club Champions trophy

Best Club Person of the Year … Kalchiri Jacobs

Bill Oliver Delegate of the Year … Tee-Arna Doggett
Bobby Cuthbertson and Ken Mills presented the Bob Cuthbertson Pride and Passion Award to Lawson Braithwaite
Lawson Braithwaite accepted the Allan Trunks BTN Values & True Spirit Award on behalf of his brother, Harrison, from Ken Mills and Allan Trunks
Bobby Cuthbertson, Ken Mills and Allan Trunks presented the Blake Mara BTN Staff Appreciation Award to Carl Braithwaite (second from left) 

* * *

Junior Carnival Teams

Lachlan Prain accepts his recognition for being part of the 2023 South Burnett U10 Open Weight team from SBRL president Greg Pomfret and Life Member Allan Trunks

South Burnett U10 Open Weight: 1. Arthur Duncan, 2. Cooper Thompson, 3. Elias Combo, 4. Emario Combo, 5. Evie Ogden, 6. Harrison Baldwin, 7. Jeffry Jacobs, 8. Jesse Ashcroft, 9. Jimmy Makie, 10. Julian Greenslade, 11. Koen Cox, 12. Lachlan Prain, 13. Levi Conlin, 14. Nelly Jackson, 15. Oscar Hoggett, 16. Sienna Hanson, 17. Thalla Harrison

Coach Dean Cullen, assistant coach Dean Stanton, manager Shannon Ashcroft, LeagueSafe Steve Ashcroft, FAO Melina Cerguilli

The team took part  in the Western Downs U10s Weighted competition in June and July.

* * *

Greg Pomfret, Nathan Prain, Allan Trunks and Sandra Prain with South Burnett Eagles who competed in the Zone 5 U35kg carnival at Wynnum

South Burnett U35kg SB Eagles: 1. Ace Frahm, 2. Alex Williamson, 3. Allan George, 4. Brae Bartlett, 5. Caiden Beggs, 6. Charlie Glare, 7. Eli Forest, 8. Hayden Stanton, 9. Kai Marriot, 10. Kobe Smallwood, 11. Nathan Gadd, 12. Owen Huth, 13. Sonny Wairau, 14. Trayden Cameron, 15. Will Gollan

Coach Nathan Prain, assistant coach Dean Stanton, trainer John Bartlett, manager Sandra Prain, LeagueSafe Amanda Stanton

The team took part in a full week of games at Wynnum. South Burnett won the athletics and tug-o-war competitions during the carnival, and were also undefeated on the football field.

Four players received recognition at the carnival:

  • Best Back: Will Gollan
  • Best Forward: Hayden Stanton
  • Most Improved Player: Owen Huth
  • Player of the Carnival: Brae Bartlett

* * *

South Burnett Eagles also won the Tug-o-War trophy at the Zone 5 U45kg carnival at Wynnum

South Burnett U43kg Eagles: 1. Asher Wilson, 2. Beau Laherty, 3. Brayden Donas, 4. Cecil Sullivan, 5. Charlie Johnston, 6. Dante Skipper, 7. Ella Stanton, 8. Harry George, 9. Javonne Davidson-Alberts, 10. Koda Evans, 11. Prestin Simpkins, 12. Richie Cunningham, 13. Riley Schulz, 14. Ronnie Grahame, 15. Stirling Muirhead, 16. Tiffany Williamson, 17. Zavier Frahm

Coach Robbie Zelinski, coaching staff Matt Wilson, Sam Wilson, Dean Stanton

The team worked hard in very wet conditions at Wynnum and were runners-up at the carnival.

* * *

Allan Trunks and Greg Pomfret with South Burnett Eagles Under 12 Open Weight players and staff

South Burnett U12 Open Weight: 1. Amarliee Smallwood, 2. Bennett Lehmann, 3. Chace Moffett, 4. Dime Page, 5. Georgia Forest, 6. Hudson Denmar, 7. Hudson Murphy, 8. Hugh Seiler, 9. Jeffrey Alberts, 10. Keira Ryna, 11. Lachie Ennis, 12. Layne Fowles, 13. Mac Smith, 14. Malachi Missi-Day, 15. Noah Stokes, 16. Norman Makie, 17. Tre’maine Henry Chapman

Coach Trav Moffett, assistant coach Dave Smith, manager Rachel Lehmann, LeagueSafe Dane Lehmann

* * *

Greg Pomfret and Allan Trunks with South Burnett Under 12 Clydesdale Challenge team members and staff

South Burnett U12 Clydesdale Challenge: 1. Amarliee Smallwood, 2. Asher Wilson, 3. Bennett Lehmann, 4. Georgia Forest, 5. Hudson Denmar, 6. Jeffrey Alberts, 7. Joseph Cole, 8. Koda Evans, 9. Lachie Ennis, 10. Lakiri Renouf, 11. Mac Smith, 12. Mikey Smallwood, 13. Noah Stokes, 14. Prestin Simpkins, 15. Riley Schulz, 16. Tiffany Williamson, 17. Zavier Frahm

Coach Matt Wilson, manager Rachel Lehmann, FAO Jacinda Simpkins, LeagueSafe Dane Lehmann, trainer Stewie Schultz

The team had three wins and two losses at Chinchilla, playing against teams from Dalby, Warwick, Charleville, Gatton and Western Downs.  On Day 2, they did not have a point scored against them in their last three games.

* * *

Sonie Crumpton, Greg Pomfret and Allan Trunks with members of the South Burnett U13s team which competed at the Walker Brothers Challenge carnival at Toowoomba

South Burnett U13 Walker Brothers Challenge: 1. Charlie Ashcroft, 2. Dallas Cooper, 3. Jack Schulz,  4. Jakob Strauf, 5. James Meagher, 6. Jaxon Branch, 7. Jayden Arndell,
8. Jimmy Crumpton, 9. Levi Madigan, 10. Liam Goodrich, 11. Linkin Magor, 12. Patterson Braithwaite, 13. PJ Price, 14. Robbie Ashcroft, 15. Tyler Fuller-Sandys, 16. Will Champney

Coach Adam Branch, coaching staff Sonie Crumpton, Brennan Fuller-Sandys, John Dalton

* * *

Sonie Crumpton, Greg Pomfret, Allan Trunks and Sandra Prain with members of the South Burnett U14s team which competed at the Adrian Vowles Cup in Charleville

South Burnett U14 Adrian Vowles Cup: 1. Dallas Cooper, 2. Darcy Williamson, 3. Jack Maudsley, 4. James Meagher, 5. Jaxon Branch, 6. Jayden Arndell, 7. Jimmy Crumpton, 8. Joey Smith, 9. Lachlan Taylor, 10. Liam Goodrich, 11. Linkin Magor, 12. Mitchell Prain, 13. Nate Needham, 14. Patterson Braithwaite, 15. PJ Price, 16. Tyler Fuller-Sandys, 17. Will Champney

Coach Adam Branch, coaching staff Sandra Prain, Sonie Crumpton, Brennan Fuller-Sandys, John Dalton

* * *

Sonie Crumpton, Nathan Prain, Allan Trunks, Greg Pomfret and Sandra Prain with members of the South Burnett U16s team which competed at the Adrian Vowles Cup in Charleville

South Burnett U16 Adrian Vowles Cup: 1. Brayden Watcho-Page, 2. Clary Cavanaugh, 3. Corey McIntyre, 4. Damon Cooper, 5. Darryl Gyemore, 6. Dustin Ramke, 7. Fletcher Prain, 8. Franky Bligh, 9. Liam Irwin, 10. Linx Harth, 11. Tommy Beil, 12. Tommy Larsen, 13. Ty Weekes, 14. Will Smith, 15. Zac Harris, 16. Zhade Powell, 17. Ziggy Pidgeon

Coach Nathan Prain, coaching staff Sandra Prain, Sonie Crumpton, Cole Cooper

* * *

Junior Competition Teams

Paul Gleich, Carl Braithwaite, Allan Trunks, Jason Webber and Greg Pomfret with members of the South Burnett Eagles Under 15s who competed in the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition

South Burnett Under 15 (TJRL competition): 1. Alistair Funnell, 2. Andrew Coutts, 3. Brayden Watcho-Page, 4. Charlie Branch, 5. Damien Smith, 6. Damon Cooper, 7. Darren Andersen, 8. Darryl Bligh, 9. Harrison Ballin, 10. Isaiah Smallwood, 11. Jalenne Orcher-Tapau, 12. James Searle, 13. Kaiden Weston, 14. Kenneth Davidson, 15. Lachlan Ralston, 16. Lawson Braithwaite, 17. Levi Skipper, 18. Rainer Heard, 19. Riley Gleich, 20. Ryan Wallace, 21. Shontayne Cobbo, 22. Will Smith, 23. Will Webber, 24. Zac Harris, 25. Zhade Powell Curd

Coach Jason Webber, manager Carl Braithwaite, LeagueSafe Paul Gleich, FAO Tanya Webber

  • Most Improved Back: Lachlan Ralston
  • Most Improved Forward: Kenneth Davidson
  • Best Back: Damon Cooper
  • Best Forward: Kaiden Weston
  • Best & Fairest: Ryan Wallace
  • Most Valuable Player: Lawson Braithwaite

2023 was the third year the SBRL fielded an U15 team in the TJRL competition.

The team finished in the top four and were unlucky in the semi-final.

Most Improved Back Lachlan Ralston with Jason Webber

Most Improved Forward … Kenneth Davidson

Best Back … Damon Cooper

Best Forward … Kaiden Weston

Best & Fairest … Ryan Wallace

Most Valuable Player … Lawson Braithwaite

* * *

Adrian Ramke, Sonie Crumpton, Nathan Prain, Allan Trunks and Greg Pomfret with members of the South Burnett Eagles Under 16s who made it through to the Grand Final in the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition

South Burnett Under 16 (TJRL competition): 1. Clarence Cavanagh, 2. Corey McIntyre, 3. Curtis Bond, 4. Dustin Ramke, 5. Fletcher Prain, 6. Franky Bligh, 7. Harrison Braithwaite, 8. Liam Irwin, 9. Linx Harth, 10. Nick Webb, 11. Riley Gleich, 12. Rory Crumpton, 13. Rowan Gordon, 14. Sebastian King, 15. Shamus Cobbo, 16. Tommy Beil, 17. Thomas Frohloff, 18. Thomas Larsen, 19. Tito Bligh, 20. Ty Weekes, 21. Ziggy Pidgeon, 22. Blake Dynevor

Coach Nathan Prain, Graham Champney, LeagueSafe Adrian Ramke, FAO Sonie Crumpton

  • Most Improved Back: Rowan Gordon
  • Most Improved Forward: Shamus Cobbo
  • Best Back: Ziggy Pidgeon
  • Best Forward: Franky Bligh
  • Best & Fairest: Tito Bligh
  • Most Valuable Player: Harrison Braithwaite

The U16s had an incredible year in the 2023 TJRL competition, with just one loss and one draw, narrowly missing out on a Grand Final win, going down 30-28 against Toowoomba Valleys.

Tito Bligh was awarded Player of the Final, even though he was in the losing side.

Most Improved Forward Shamus Cobbo with coach Nathan Prain … Shamus and teammate Tito Bligh also did the Welcome To Country at the start of the awards afternoon

Best Back … Ziggy Pidgeon

Best & Fairest and Player of the Final … Tito Bligh

* * *

Scott Prendergast, Allan Trunks, Bobby Cuthbertson, Greg Pomfret, Matt Jones and Sheree Prendergast with members of the South Burnett Eagles Under 18s team which took part in the Bundaberg Rugby League competition

South Burnett U18 Boys (BRL competition): 1. Bayden Alexander, 2. Brodie Sene, 3. Cain Coutts, 4. Casey Jones, 5. Charlie Sippel, 6. Chill Pidgeon, 7. Djuran Murray-Smith, 8. Fletch Prendergast, 9. Harrison Sippel, 10. Jack Webber, 11. Jadyn Murray, 12. Jayden Tewes-Smallwood, 13. Kenneth Gyemore, 14. Lachlan Ponder, 15. Mathaniel Cuthbertson, 16. Matthew Badesso, 17. Nathan Roderick, 18. Oliver Funnell, 19. Rohan Large

Coach Matt Jones, manager Scott Prendergast, FAO Sheree Prendergast, LeagueSafe Bobby Cuthbertson, LeagueSafe Les Alexander, welfare officer Allan Trunks

  • Most Improved Forward: Cain Coutts
  • Most Improved Back: Lachlan Ponder
  • Best Back: Nathan Roderick
  • Best Forward: Chill Pidgeon
  • Best & Fairest: Matthew Badesso
  • Rookie of the Year: Mathaniel Cuthbertson
  • Most Valuable Player: Charlie Sippel

The team combined 17s and 18s players and played very strongly in the early part of the season. Unfortunately, a week before the preliminary final, team members got hit with a virus.  In a huge effort, the team was defeated 20-14 against a Bundaberg Brothers team packed with Wide Bay representatives.

Best Forward Chill Pidgeon with coach Matt Jones

Most Improved Forward … Cain Coutts

Most Valuable Player … Charlie Sippel

Most Improved Back … Lachlan Ponder

Rookie of the Year … Mathaniel Cuthbertson

* * *

Wide Bay Bulls Reps

Wide Bay Bulls players travelled more than 13,000km to be part of Wide Bay teams and join in training sessions.

Under 16 Cyril Connell Challenge: Harrison Braithwaite, Lawson Braithwaite, Nick Webb, Rory Crumpton, Sebastian King, Shamus Cobbo, Tito Bligh. Manager Scott Prendergast

Under 17 Girls: Abbie Renouf-Dowdle, Madison Holding, Olive Finger, Taya Solomon

Under 18 Mal Meninga Cup: Bayden Alexander, Djuran Murray-Smith, Fletch Prendergast, Lachlan Ponder, Mathaniel Cuthbertson. Manager Carl Braithwaite

Under 19 Harvey Norman Cup: Abbie Renouf-Dowdle, Samantha Cobbo, Violet Whitby

Open Women (47th Battalion): Elle Mollenhauer, Ellen Mosby, Hailee Hearfield, Holly Patton, Nickie Geysing, Reggie Hickey, Sophia Fisher, Traevonnah Fisher, Violet Whitby. Assistant coach/manager Brittany Holding, masseuse Teresa Holding, trainer Peter Bollen

Wide Bay Bulls: Program manager Sheree Prendergast and performance manager Bobby Cuthbertson

Scott Prendergast and Danny McGuire with members of the Wide Bay Bulls’ Under 16 Cyril Connell Challenge team
Danny McGuire with two of the members of the Under 17 Wide Bay Bulls Girls team
Carl Braithwaite and Danny McGuire with members of the Wide Bay Bulls’ Under 18 Mal Meninga Cup team
Danny McGuire with Violet Whitby from the Under 19 Wide Bay Bulls Harvey Norman Cup team
Trainer Peter Bollen, assistant coach/manager Brittany Holding and Danny McGuire with members of the Open Women’s 47th Batallion Wide Bay Bulls team
Danny McGuire with Sheree Prendergast and Bobby Cuthbertson

* * *

Burnett Brahmans Reps

Marty McCracken, Ryan Sullivan and Rebecca Jackson with members of the Open Men’s Burnett Brahmans team

1. Xander Dunemann, 2. David Hopkins, 3. Elwyn Fewquandie, 4. Vinnie Law, 5. James Stanley, 6. Barry Tapau-Fewquandie, 7. George Fisher, 8. Drew Jackson, 9. Patrick Alberts, 10. Asofono Lemalu, 11. Connor Sullivan, 12. Andy Champney, 13. Kaia Williams, 14. Buddy Stanley, 15. John Blair, 16. Kaleb Riddle-Boston, 17. Conan Holding, 18. Mitch Wilson

Coach Ryan Sullivan, manager Rebecca Jackson, LeagueSafe Marty McCracken

The Open Men’s Burnett Brahmans team competed in 47th Battalion games at Emerald with just 18 players. Despite losing players through injury, the Brahmans made the Plate Final against Central Highlands, winning 22-18.

This was the Burnett’s most successful 47th Battalion campaign in more than 30 years.

  • Best Back: Vinnie Law
  • Best Forward: Connor Sullivan
  • Best & Fairest and Player Of Final: George Fisher
Best Back Vinnie Law with Danny McGuire, Ryan Sullivan and Marty McCracken
Best Forward … Connor Sullivan
Best & Fairest and Player Of Final … George Fisher


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