First to arrive was 2023 Murgon State High School dux Katie Langton, escorted by her brother Peter … Katie is believed to be the first Indigenous student to be awarded dux at Murgon SHS

November 16, 2023

There were anxious glances at the dark clouds forming overhead, but the storm stayed away for the arrivals at Murgon State High School’s formal on Thursday night.

The students and their partners were delivered to the red carpet in Dutton Street East in a steady stream of Mustangs, Monaros, LandCruisers and even a Lotus.

The oldest vehicle was a 1949 Jaguar but there was also a purple Holden Crewman masquarading as a Torana!

There were a few revving engines but the quietest arrivals were probably Harry Sippel and Kirra Glenwright, who arrived in an all-electric Porsche Taycan 4s; and Maddison Richards, who rode “Crowned Acres Oak”.

The arrivals, decked out in gorgeous gowns and handsome suits, were introduced to the crowd by Murgon SHS Deputy Principal Barbara Etherington, who was kept busy on the microphone.

The students were greeted with applause by their proud friends and family members as they walked up the red carpet towards the venue for their dinner in the school’s auditorium.

Just before entering for the night of celebrations, the graduating class of 2023 paused in front of the school’s totem poles for a last group photo.

Last to arrive was Maddison Richards on “Crowned Acres Oak”, led by her partner Finn Taylor-Wheatley
Murgon State High School’s graduating class of 2023
Murgon SHS Deputy Principal Barbara Etherington was introducing the arrivals to the crowd

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Gallery of Arrivals


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