Tina Torrens and Amber Goldsmith, centre, with most of the cast from the new music video for “Country Girls”

November 15, 2023

It’s been 12 long years since local singer-songwriter Amber Goldsmith has released some new music, but the wait looks like it’s been worth it.

Friends and family members packed into the Kingaroy Cinema on Tuesday night to witness the official release of her new single, “Country Girls”, and the accompanying music video.

The music video was filmed in the South Burnett by Tina Torrens and her crew from Torkit Business Solutions.

Amber is the star, of course, but also making their debut on the big screen were Ryan Bath, Jacinta Lee, Trent Gosley, Leonie Nichols, Candice Rackemann, Eric and Jasmine Thornes, Jack Torrens and “Sid” (the horse).

The cast members are seen dancing, riding pool floaties in a farm dam, on horseback, tossing hay bales and even driving a tractor (which required some on-set instructions!)

Amazingly, the video was shot in just one day, four weeks ago, but required hours of editing by Tina.

It was filmed on properties belonging to the Crumpton and Torrens families just outside Kingaroy.

Amber was interviewed at the screening by CROW-FM’s Chantal Harth about the process of writing the song and filming the video.

She admitted she had been deterred from writing music for some time because of some comments that suggested she was always writing “sad” songs.

This time she was looking to write something fun and “catchy” which could be played on the radio.

Amber said she wanted the song to embrace the idea about what it was like to be a strong country woman.

She said shooting the video had been a mammoth effort but “after a few beers”, the cast didn’t even complain when they were asked to dance around a campfire.

Amber said having three young children meant music had been on the backburner for some time but now “I’m back baby!”

Her upcoming album – as yet untitled – would be released next year.

It would include “Country Girls” plus some slower ballads.

Amber also gave the crowd a live preview of her next single, “His Land”, which explores the life of a man on the land, before reprising “Country Girls” and encouraging the audience to get up and dance.

“Country Girls” will be available to download and purchase from noon on Thursday from all the usual music platforms.

Amber Goldsmith and her very proud mum, Tracy Goldsmith
Local musicians Rob and Clare Fitz-Herbert with Jenny, Chris and Bayden Behm … there were a lot of Rural Fire Brigade members at the preview as Amber is also a member of her local brigade

Chantal Harth and Tina Torrens

Cr Danita Potter and Tracy Goldsmith
Tina Torrens and Amber Goldsmith on stage with Chantal Harth during the Q&A session
The stars of the music video also couldn’t escape being interviewed, especially about their dancing styles!


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