AMCA Nationals podium … Nash Granger (3rd), Troy Price (1st) and Kevin Stow (2nd)  (Photo: AMCA Nationals Qld)

November 15, 2023

South Burnett drivers dominated the Modifieds class at Saturday night’s Kingaroy Speedway, taking out the top four spots in the A Main final.

Josh Harm, who also recorded the fastest lap time in the event, just edged out Brett Barron, Alex Sweeney and Ben Stead.

The Spring Spectacular, the second night of local speedway racing this season, featured five categories of very different vehicles: AMCA Nationals, Lightning Sprints, Super Sedans, Modified Sedans and Production Sedans.

It was also a big night for Queensland driver Troy Price who took out his first AMCA feature race win.

The next event at the Kingaroy Showgrounds track will be the Christmas Cup on December 16.

This meeting will feature Modifieds, Production Sedans, Street Stocks, National 4s and Modlites.

The Modifieds will be getting in some important race practice ahead of the Kings Royal on January 25-27.

* * *


Super Sedans 

1. Hayden Brims
2. Brad Pascoe
3. JJ Hamilton

Modified Sedans

1. Josh Harm
2. Brett Barron
3. Alex Sweeney

Production Sedans

1. Kaine Ritchers
2. Jye O’Brien
3. Murray Dioth

AMCA Nationals

1. Troy Price
2. Kev Stow
3. Nash Granger

Lightning Sprints

1. Dave Fanning
2. Sean Iacono
3. Darren Baldwin




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