Current West Australian champion Joel Berkley is interviewed after taking out Heat 9 of of the Modifieds Qld Title … Berkley had no luck in the A Main despite starting on the front row of the grid

October 24, 2023

Kingaroy Speedway’s 2023-24 racing season began with a bang on Saturday night with Victorian champion Matt Nelson taking out the prestigious Queensland Modified Sedan title.

South Burnett driver Josh Harm duelled with the  dominant Victorian in the latter stages of the 40-lap final, managing to pass him on Lap 28 only to suffer mechanical issues with just five laps left to run.

Three other South Burnett drivers qualified for the A Main final:

  • Heats 4 and 12 winner Ben Stead secured No 3 position on the grid but was taken out in a crash on Lap 3
  • Heat 7 winner Brett Barron went into the wall on Lap 16
  • Pacey Clegg finished the highest of the South Burnett drivers, coming in 12th spot

Matt Nelson is just the second Victorian to claim the SSA Modified Sedan Queensland State Title.

Reigning Kings Royal “king”, Toowoomba driver Shane MacDonald, came in second.

Production Sedans, Street Stocks, National 4s and Junior Sedans were also in action on the night.

Some flying tyres caused stoppages during the Modified Sedans final but none of these were as dramatic as what occurred earlier in the night, during Heat 8 of the Production Sedans.

The lights around the course suddenly failed mid-race, plunging the racetrack into darkness.

Fortunately all the drivers managed to slow down in time, avoiding any collisions.

After a few anxious minutes, the lights came back on and the next scheduled event, Heat 9 of the Production Sedans, went ahead.

Current Victorian champion Matt Nelson took out the 40-lap final of the Queensland Modified Sedan title

* * * 


Queensland Modified Sedan Title

1. Matt Nelson
2. Shane MacDonald
3. Brett Baxter

Production Sedans

1. Joel Berkley
2. Ash McKellar
3. Jordan Cunningham

Street Stocks

1. Darren Ciesiolka
2. Ricky Gill
3. Peter Thompson

National 4s

1. Declan Brownsey
2. Josh Rigby
3. Brock Hancock

Junior Sedans Top Stars

1. Jayden Hancock
2. Indi Butcher
3. Brodie Hollyman

Junior Sedans New Stars

1. Lawson Clarke
2. Cruz Carlin
3. Tyler Beer

Three racers came together in the early stages of Heat 9 of the Production Sedans
Kingaroy driver Brett Barron won Heat 7 in the Modified Sedans, earning a spot in the Final


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