Kilkivan & District Community Care Association president Rosie Fitzgerald thanks  Lodge members Ross Warren, Ian Groundwater, Dennis Parker and Ross Chapman for their support (Photo: KDCCAI)

October 19, 2023

Kilkivan & District Community Care Association’s fundraising to support their “Rise & Shine” ageing-in-place project has received some massive boosts to its coffers.

In February, the Kilkivan Masonic Lodge donated $30,000 towards the project which aims to develop community housing for elderly residents.

Now, Hand Heart Pocket – the charity arm of Freemasons Queensland – has matched that original donation with another $30,000.

The cheque was presented to KDCCAI president Rosie Fitzgerald at the Lodge’s recent installation dinner, held at Kilkivan Bowls Club.

Members of the Kilkivan Lodge were joined by representatives of both the State organisation, other Lodges and community representatives.

Ms Fitzgerald thanked the Kilkivan Lodge members and Hand Heart Pocket for their financial and symbolic support of the ageing-in-place project.

“We are a small community trying to address an important goal for seniors especially, the ability to remain longer (and) better in the place we call home,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Our organization is part of a consortium with The Affordable Housing Charity which is applying for both State and Federal government grants to fund an infrastructure project for the Kilkivan-Goomeri-Tansey-Woolooga districts.”

“We need external funding to achieve this. But if we can demonstrate the commitment of both local individuals and local organisations to this objective, we believe our case is strengthened enormously.

“KDCCAI is so very grateful for the role of both Kilkivan Masonic Lodge and Hand Heart Pocket in providing this financial and strategic commitment.”

The outcome of the funding applications should be known by February.

Local fundraising for the project has also been impressive.

On August 1, KDCCAI issued a challenge to local residents, volunteer organisations and businesses to raise “$10,000 in 10 weeks”.

The result was $24,321.45!

Ms Fitzgerald said she was “thrilled and really relieved” at the response.

“Initially we were feeling confident of reaching our target, buoyed by a very early, large donation from nonagenarian Gordon McGill of Kilkivan,” she said.

The final fortnight also provided several significant moments: Goomeri resident Phyllis Hopf donated $1000, local recycling business Blue Dog Recycling donated $500 and the Cost-of-Living Buster Raffle raised of $4275.

Other major donors ($500 or more) who agreed to be identified included: Gordon McGill, Ian Fitzgerald, Andrew & Cathy Douglas, Sullivan Livestock, Nev Goodrich, Lyle & Alison Johnson, Meredith Mackay, Douglas & Catherine Johnson, Bonnie Farrow, Kilkivan Post Office, and the Railway Markets & Community Gardens organisation.

Anonymous donations of $500 or more amounted to another $3500.

Nolan Meats also donated four cryovac rump pieces to be raffled and Jan Kirby donated a quilt.

Funds were also raised at bingo raffles and collected in donation bottles spread around the region.

“While we are really grateful for all of the large and medium donors, those who perhaps bought only one $5 raffle ticket or donated less than $100 are also very important contributors,” KDCCAI treasurer Lynda Sempf said.

“What we were trying to demonstrate with this campaign is that this entire community of Kilkivan, Goomeri, Tansey and Woolooga enthusiastically supports the objective of building affordable, accessible, rental accommodation on a lovely, spacious Council-owned block in Kilkivan.

“Having so many locals support this campaign in differing ways means we can accurately claim that this project is keenly desired by our whole community.”

Kilkivan residents Greg Segnit, Pauline Power, Robyn Ditton, Julie McSweeney, Jo Edwards and Angela Morse gathered at the Bligh Street horse statue for the Buster Raffle draw and the fund-raising tally announcement (Photo: KDCCAI)

* * *

Cheque For Kindy

Kilkivan Kindy committee president Janet Amos receives a cheque for $10,000 from Kilkivan Lodge member Ian Groundwater (Photo: KDCCAI)

Kilkivan Kindy also received a boost at the recent Kilkivan Lodge installation dinner.

Kindy committee president Janet Amos and lead educator Anne Bicknell were presented with a cheque for $10,000 to buy new education and equipment resources “to allow the children from Kilkivan, Tansey, Goomeri and Woolooga districts to keep abreast of their counterparts in more populated areas”.

Ms Amos said that the Lodge’s generous contribution would help provide the children with “the tools, resources and opportunities they need to thrive”.

KDCCAI president Rosie Fitzgerald said she left the dinner feeling very impressed and grateful.

“Lodge funds had been gifted to the two ends of the age continuum … the Kindy kids and our seniors!” she said.

“This generosity should make an awesome difference to many people’s futures.”

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