Lynette Brown and Sylvia McGregor at Cherbourg’s new Preventative and Chronic Disease Clinic (Photo: DDH)

October 16, 2023

A new Preventative and Chronic Disease Clinic – which opened its doors earlier this month – is already having a positive impact on the Cherbourg community.

Aboriginal Health Practitioner Lynette Brown said the introduction of two health practitioners at the clinic means they can offer a more well-rounded model of care.

“Patients that I’ve spoken to are very happy with the service they get,” Lynette said.

“They come into the health practitioners before seeing the doctor.

“We do all their observations, and also have yarns with them about any social or emotional issues, any concerns or underlying conditions that may have come up since they last spoke to a doctor or nurse.

“It’s not just about health, the clinic is an overall comprehensive service working to help the community.”

Aboriginal Health Practitioner Sylvia McGregor said the clinic was an expansion of care that was previously provided at the hospital.

“It took people a few weeks to get used to the clinic being in the Community Health building, but now we’re booked out for the next three weeks,” Sylvia said.

“At the moment, patients need to book their appointments in advance, however we’re trying to allocate a few walk-in appointments a week.

“We’re passionate about educating people and changing their attitudes around their health.”

Darling Downs Health chief executive Annette Scott PSM said the opening of the clinic and inclusion of Aboriginal Health Practitioners was a great outcome for the Cherbourg community.

“The investment in preventative health is all about ensuring people can live longer, healthier lives,” she said.

“The expansion of the clinic means patients who don’t require urgent care are waiting less time to be seen, so it’s a fantastic outcome.”

People who are acutely unwell or experiencing a health emergency should visit Cherbourg Hospital, which is open 24/7.


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