Country music stars the Wolfe Brothers will be headlining the SBRC’s “Day At The Dam” concert at Yallakool on October 28 (Photo: Wolfe Brothers)
Posters for “A Day At The Dam” do not mention ticket prices (Graphic: SBRC)

August 23, 2023

Complaints about the cost of tickets for the South Burnett Regional Council’s “Day At The Dam” music festival have resulted in reduced admission prices for some teenagers.

The festival will be held at Bjelke-Petersen Dam on Saturday, October 28, and will be headlined by country music stars The Wolfe Brothers, Casey Barnes, Taylor Moss and Will Day.

Local bands RYZA, Sparrow, Soul Good and Rockin’ Our Abilities will also be performing, and food stalls, community stalls and a licensed bar will be operating in the grounds.

At the SBRC’s August General Meeting on Wednesday, several Councillors said they had received complaints from residents the $80 ticket price made the event unaffordable for families.

Staff confirmed the $100,000 concert was being funded by a grant from the Federal Government’s Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements and said 200 tickets had already been sold since bookings opened last week.

Acting Mayor Gavin Jones said he had received many calls from families with children who objected to the ticket price.

He said a family of four – two adults and two children – would have to stump up $320 for the one-day event which could deter many families.

Other councillors said they had received similar feedback, and suggested reduced pricing for children.

However, staff noted the festival was designed to be an 18+ event.

There were no children’s activities planned, the venue was licensed and the 10:00pm closing time would make it “a long day” for children.

Nothing on the Council’s marketing materials suggested it was for families, and many other music festivals were not child-friendly.

After discussions, Councillors said they would like to introduce reduced prices for children to help families that wanted to come.

Councillors resolved to allow under 16s to attend for free; young people aged from 16 to 18 would pay $40, and the $80 ticket price would apply to anyone over 18.

The motion to introduce the new price structure was carried unanimously.

The online booking page would be updated soon to reflect the new prices.


2 Responses to "Council Debates Ticket Prices"

  1. Well, this seems according to “council staff” in charge of the event, they may have made a mistake with advertising material.

    The posters etc should have read “BOOZE UP & Party On, 18+ only. Strictly no children under 18 welcome!”

    Federal Government’s Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements – I would have thought should have events open to the whole community. Hmmm, maybe another waste of taxpayers funds, yet again.

    I wonder how many ticket holders are actually SBRC ratepayers? Interesting to know the postcode data after the event.

  2. On-site camping, free shuttle bus, food stalls & community stalls, fresh air & an upbeat country vibe; sounds like a great weekend away camping with friends & family. So why not take the kids?

    Yes, it’s going to be a licensed event, but along with that, it will mean a security presence to help uphold the relevant Liquor laws.

    I would almost bet that a greater part of the crowd will be from outside the area, what a great boost to the local tourist economy that will be.

    I can’t see why having ‘outsiders’ attending & spending time & money in our region is a bad thing.

    For once I say, good decision on dropping the children’s tickets prices, albeit a late decision, but at least common sense prevailed in the end. Possibly opens a door of opportunity for some kids activities away from the main event.

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