August 15, 2023

Firefighters were taking action on Tuesday afternoon to stop the Maidenwell fire, which has been burning since Sunday, from heading into the forestry area to the east of the town.

A QFES spokesperson said that at 1:20pm, there were spot fires occurring across containment lines on the eastern flank of the blaze.

Personnel from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and rural fire crews were working to blacken out this area and prevent the flames from spreading.

A water bomber might also be brought in.

The southern edge of the fire had been made safe and RFS crews were checking containment lines on the western edge.

The north-eastern edge had been contained by a firebreak cut by a bulldozer.

There were 11 rural fire crews in action and an aircraft was mapping the extent of the blaze.

No structures were under threat.

On Sunday, QFES issued a “Prepare To Leave” warning to Maidenwell residents at 11:20am as the fire spread from Maidenwell-Upper Yarraman Road towards Coomba Falls.

Emergency text and voice messages were sent to residents.

About 15 fire crews were in action, and a water-bombing helicopter was brought in.

The alert status was downgraded to “Stay Informed” at 12:41pm, a warning that was repeated on Monday afternoon at 3:37pm, after the fire flared up again.

The spokesperson said four crews worked on the blaze over Monday night, and were reinforced on Tuesday morning by other local brigades and a strike team from the Sunshine Coast.

* * *

UPDATE 4:14pm: QFES issued another STAY INFORMED alert.

Warning level: ADVICE

Warning area: Properties between Kingaroy-Cooyar Road, Tarong National Park and Upper Yarraman-Maidenwell Road.

The fire burning near Upper Yarraman-Maidenwell Road, Copper Creek and Coomba Waterhole Road could burn for several days. ‎

Firefighting aircraft are helping ground crews.

Major roads or highways may be impacted, including Upper Yarraman-Maidenwell Road.



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