A local team, the “Nutty Relay Runners”, came in second in the mixed relay division and fourth overall in last year’s South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay

March 29, 2023

Early bird entries close on Friday (March 31) for this year’s South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay to be run on Sunday, April 30.

This is the third year that this event, organised by the Ashgrove Rangers Athletics Club from Brisbane, has been run on the South Burnett Rail Trail.

Teams of between five and eight runners relay between Kingaroy to Wondai and back.

The course is approximately 60km, with the shortest leg 400m and the longest just short of 8km.

On average, runners will run 5km per leg before handing over to the next person in their team.

More than 100 runners took part in last year’s event, but organisers are hoping to have twice as many teams taking part this year.

“I think we have been successful in reinvigorating interest in long distance relays,” event spokesperson Dan Murray said.

“Team-based running is fun where members of all levels come together to compete.

“The rail trail is a real asset to the region and a lot of runners are coming back just because of what it has to offer.”

Queensland Athletics has also announced the event will be the 2023 State Road Relay Championships.

“This decision backs the growing interest in long distance relays and no doubt will attract more teams from around Queensland and local surrounds all eager to take out the coveted title,” Dan said.

“Social teams are also welcome especially those who want to get out there, have some fun and just finish the course.

“There is a really supportive atmosphere where everyone encourages each other. We also have a dinner the night before and a barbecue at the end of the race. It’s all about coming together and having a bit of fun.”

The organisers are keen to bring more visitors to the region.

“We have had wonderful support from the South Burnett Council, the South Burnett Rail Trail Users Association and the Kingaroy and Wondai running fraternity,” Dan said.

“We are also encouraging everyone to stay a couple of nights and use their spare time to visit local attractions or just use the time to relax.”

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