Stanwell’s Karen Wall and Sophie Naughton with South Burnett CTC CEO Nina Temperton at the Stanwell Classic Barefoot Bowls Day in Brisbane last week (Photo: Stanwell)
South Burnett CTC’s Jason Erbacher and Nina Temperton at the KCCI AGM … Nina said she was overwhelmed by the “fantastic result” of the Stanwell bowls day

December 1, 2022

A bowls day held at New Farm in Brisbane last week has led to an amazing donation of $63,281 to South Burnett CTC.

An emotional CTC CEO Nina Temperton made the announcement at Wednesday night’s Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry AGM, thanking Stanwell for choosing to support CTC’s homeless initiative.

The Stanwell Classic Barefoot Bowls Day, held on November 24, attracted energy traders from across the country competing for the Stanwell Perpetual Trophy.

The popular charity fundraiser has been held since 2003, but due to COVID restrictions was last held in 2019.

It made its return in style last week with a record 222 players and spectators in attendance, and a record amount of money being raised.

Teams and spectators all dug deep to take part in the day, as well as snapping up raffle tickets.

Twenty-two teams from across the energy industry took part, including Cubico Sustainable Investments, Stanwell’s partners in the Wambo Wind Farm project.

“The Stanwell Classic Barefoot Bowls Day has become one of the industry’s most highly-regarded and anticipated events because of the fun atmosphere on the day and the fact that it makes a genuine difference for the charities we raise funds for,” Stanwell’s executive general manager of energy markets, Sophie Naughton, said.

“The bowls day supports a different Queensland charity every year. We look for organisations that share our values, which is why we chose South Burnett CTC this year.

“They’re working to preserve the dignity of people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, which is a cause that everyone at Stanwell and all of the traders we work with feel passionately about.”

CTC’s homelessness initiative, which does not receive government funding, provides people in need with a waterproof swag, a thermal sleeping bag and personal items.

Mrs Temperton said it filled an urgent need in the community.

“If someone in our community has a problem, we do our best to help them,” she said.

“South Burnett CTC currently receives two inquiries a day for homeless support, and many of those inquiries come from people who fall outside government-assisted support programs.

“The South Burnett has a 0.4 per cent rental vacancy, a chronic shortage of social and affordable housing and an overall shortage of rental supply that has led to a steep rise in weekly rents.

“Providing people with a weatherproof swag and other practical essentials goes a long way towards minimising the loss of dignity they can feel during such a difficult time in their lives.”

The 2022 winners of the Stanwell Perpetual Trophy were Ampol.

Stanwell’s executive general manager of energy markets, Sophie Naughton, with colleagues Sandra Mason and Adam Branson at the Stanwell Classic Barefoot Bowls Day last week in Brisbane (Photo: Stanwell)



2 Responses to "$63,000 Donation Bowls Over CTC"

  1. What an honorable effort from the Bowls Day and the very generous contributions from participants.

    The comment that Stanwell looks for organisations who share their values represented the reason they chose South Burnett CTC this year. It’s not just up to Stanwell and other businesses even though they have bigger budgets than most. Let’s look at practical ways every person and business can support someone in need.

    Could I ask how can Mr and Mrs ordinary citizen show their support with a gift of food to help. That’s our duty.

    Shelter is the huge problem and beyond the control of the average citizen. Yet, it’s another issue that requires support from those in government who would not be oblivious to the forecasts given of what the future represents.

    Let’s do the job we were all placed on this earth to provide, particularly the State and Federal Governments. There’s always someone in need beyond the basics of Centrelink support.

    • Keith, there is currently an appeal under way for CTC’s Christmas Hampers. Non-perishable food can be dropped off at Bill Hull in Kingaroy or at CTC HQ at 6 Cornish Street, Kingaroy.

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