St John’s student Ava Stevens enjoyed being the Run Director at Saturday’s Wondai parkrun (Photo: Ros Heit)

November 8, 2022

St John’s Lutheran School in Kingaroy took over the weekly Wondai parkrun on Saturday morning.

Event director Ros Heit said it was “just a bit of fun” for one day but it gave the students another opportunity to get involved in the community as volunteers, and learn more about parkrun.

About 20 St John’s volunteers – students, parents and teachers – ran the event, the 269th parkrun held at Wondai.

Usually, just five volunteers do all the hard work.

Student Ava Stevens was Run Director, in charge of the 83 runners and walkers.

“It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning for all,” Ros said.

She said it was also great to see lots of people coming along for a walk, following last month’s special promotion of “parkwalk”.

“The month of October was dedicated to parkwalkers, encouraging more participants to enjoy walking at parkrun and reducing the concern of many that you have to run to enjoy parkrun,” Ros said.

She said newcomers were always welcome to join the three parkruns in the region – at Wondai, Nanango and Proston – at 7:00am every Saturday.

[Photos: Ros Heit]

Some of the volunteers relaxing in McKell Park in Wondai after Saturday’s parkrun
Volunteers celebrating another successful Wondai parkrun

Darren Farmilo completed his 50th parkrun on Saturday and was greeted with a special banner

Veteran parkrunner John Box, from Kingaroy, “auditioned” for Toyota ads!
Victoria Kamen, Audrey Haboosheh and Emma Leu-Marshall … entrants don’t have to run at parkrun!
But some entrants love to run … Sean Nicholson, Craig Kapernick, Jason Ford and Darren Kefford led a faster group
Charlotte English gives parkrun a big thumbs up!

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