John Johnstone, 79, from Kingaroy, with his diesel-powered “Baby Buzzard”

September 19, 2022

The Kingaroy Aero Modellers Society (KAMS) celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia with a social fly-in and barbecue on Sunday.

Members of the local association and visitors gathered at the the Bill and Mary McLennan Model Airfield at Booie for a family lunch.

It was also an opportunity for the not-for-profit association, founded in 1983, to hold its annual general meeting.

Re-elected unopposed were president John Box, vice-president Darryl Dove, safety officer Mark Brazier, training and assessment officer Leister Janetzki and treasurer / maintenance team leader Denis Hansen.

The oldest member present on the day was John Johnstone, 79, from Kingaroy, who told he had been building model aircraft for “60-odd” years.

“It’s been a lifetime passion,” he said.

On Sunday, John was flying a “Baby Buzzard” model plane powered by a tiny diesel motor running on an ether / caster oil / kerosene mix.

To prove the point that the sport is for the young and not-so-young, KAMS’ youngest member is aged just 17.

President John Box also started in the sport at a young age, flying control line aircraft in Maryborough at the tender age of 13.

KAMS currently has 18 senior members.

Re-elected unopposed were vice-president Darryl Dove, safety officer Mark Brazier, training and assessment officer Leister Janetzki, president John Box and treasurer / maintenance team leader Denis Hansen (Photo: KAMS)

* * *

Highlights From The President’s Report

  • Leister Janetzki certified Darryl Dove with silver wings and Mark Brazier with gold wings
  • After two postponements – due to COVID, rain and wet conditions – the Queensland Precision Aerobatic group visited and conducted a competition on August 27-28.
  • Love grass and broad leaf weeds are being removed from the pits area.
  • KAMS received an MAAA Club Assistance Grant to replace the two-stroke whipper snipper and blower with battery-powered Stihl units
  • Due to the increased use of the battery charging facilities on fly days, the capacity of the solar panels has been enlarged with two extra panels installed and associated switching equipment.
  • Ongoing wet weather caused the access track to the field to become impassable on several occasions. Flying became a side event while club members turned to road building. Denis Hansen organised the gravel and Leister Janetzki spread and levelled the gravel with his tractor.
  • The club plans to host the SCAF Warbirds on October 22-23 as well as other events for MAAQ flying groups.
KAMS president John Box … at age 18 in Maryborough with his Hi-Lo control line stunt aircraft and still flying on Sunday
Terry Roberts, from Atherton, and Garry Jordan, Burnett Heads, with Garry’s electric-powered Extra MX
The Red Baron (2022 style) comes into land on the Booie airstrip

Community News


Ros Heit for South Burnett Division 6
Vote 1 Kathy Duff for South Burnett Mayor


Vote 1 Jane Erkens for Division 1
Vote 1 Scott Hernschen for Division 6

3 Responses to "Model Club Celebrates Anniversary"

  1. Thanks Anne and for your ongoing support and promotion of the events we hold at KAMS and events in general in our South Burnett region

  2. Thanks for the great report. It was an absolute pleasure to experience the hospitality of the members of the KAMS club. Their facility at Booie is world class and a credit to those members who keep it so well-maintained.

  3. Thank you so much for giving up your Sunday morning time to visiting our ripper flying field and AGM day. And particularly your continuing support through for KAMS and our ongoing promotion of the hobby/sport of remote control model aviation in all its forms to the wider community.

    KAMS is particularly proud that our Bill and Mary McLennan Model Airfield at Booie is becoming more well known and even envied and respected throughout the RC aviation world in SE Queensland with special interest groups such as gliders, warbirds and precision aerobatics with world-class pilots eager for return visits to enjoy country hospitality and the best of RC flying conditions and environment without the restrictions experienced by fields in built-up or city locations. Your support is integral and invaluable to those promotional efforts.

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