Praise was heaped on Kingaroy Senior Soccer Club volunteer Steve Copas at the end of the event for all the hard work he had put into making the carnival a success, including hours of mowing, spraying and cleaning
Josh Hobbs and Michael Wardle hoist the Over 35s “trophy” to be shared by both teams

February 7, 2022

The team of volunteers from the Kingaroy Senior Soccer Club earned a well-deserved rest on Sunday night after one of the biggest Soccer Sevens carnivals seen in Kingaroy for years.

More than 500 players took part in the two-day pre-season carnival, competing in Men’s, Women’s and Over 35s categories.

Club volunteers had the huge job of preparing the grounds, sorting out the draws, organising the first aid and keeping the day running smoothly.

And volunteers from the Kingaroy Touch Association kept the canteen running.

Saturday was huge at Tom Alford Oval, with spectators and their colourful marquees crowded along the sidelines of the fields.

Many of the players and their spectators had travelled from the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba, ensuring a busy night in Kingaroy ahead of Day 2.

But some of the most enthusiastic players and spectators didn’t have far to travel at all.

A group of Solomon Islanders and their friends, currently working at Swickers Kingaroy Bacon Factory, fielded three teams, and provided much encouragement from the sidelines during matches.

Unfortunately for the vocal local fans, their top team, Islanders 1, was knocked out in the Men’s semi-final.

Other local teams were also eliminated along the way, leaving the finals in all three competitions to be contested by visiting teams (see results, below)

Gary Tessmann, from the Kingaroy Senior Soccer Club, right, presented the runners-up and winner’s cheques to Chris Phillips (Surfers Paradise Apollo) and Joshua Donaldson (Tiger Kings)
Gary Tessmann presented the Women’s runners-up prize to Chelsea Scarff (SCW Gold) and the winner’s prize to Kayla Pike (SCW White)
Richie Isu, Edward Kera and Brendan Aru, from Islanders 1 … Edward has played with Central Coast FC, one of the Solomon Islands’ top teams
Islanders had three teams in the Men’s competition, with Islanders 1 making it through to the semi-finals … the teams were made up of workers from Swickers which meant plenty of cheering from the sidelines!
Gary Tessmann presented small thank you gifts to volunteers Danielle Maudsley, Amy Mayer and Leanne Montgomery; “retired” volunteers Thomas Carroll and Mick North were also thanked
Sunshine Coast Wanderers White and Sunshine Coast Wanderers Gold after their finals game
The Hawks Hasbeens and KSS Jets were tired but happy after their Over 35s final … and decided to split the carton of beer trophy
The Tiger Kings and Surfers Paradise Apollo pose before their Men’s final clash

* * *


Women’s Competition


  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers Gold def. Rockville, 3-1
  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers White def. Highfields, (penalty shootout)


  • Sunshine Coast Wanderers White def. Sunshine Coast Wanderers Gold, 3-1

* * *

Over 35s Competition


  • KSS Jets def. Hoof Hearted, (penalty shootout)
  • Hawks Hasbeens def. Old Nuts, 3-0


  • Hawks Hasbeens drew with KSS Jets (shootout declined)

* * *

Men’s Competition

Quarter Finals

  • Kawana Bananas def. Corinthians 1, 2-0
  • Surfers Paradise Apollo def. Wests Men, 1-0
  • Tiger Kings def. KSS Jets, 1-0
  • Islanders 1 def. Chinchilla, 2-0


  • Tiger Kings def. Kawana Bananas, 4-1
  • Surfers Paradise Apollo def. Islanders 1, 1-0


  • Tiger Kings def. Surfers Paradise Apollo, 1-0
Wests Men took on Surfers Paradise Apollo in the Men’s quarter final
Action from the Wests Men’s quarter final
Islanders 1 proved too strong for Chinchilla (red) in the quarter final of the Men’s competition
The Hawks Hasbeens, from Toowoomba, knocked out Kingaroy’s Old Nuts in the Over 35s semi-final
Surfers Paradise Apollo ended Islanders 1’s run in the Men’s semi-final
Sunshine Coast Wanderers White overwhelmed their sister side, Sunshine Coast Wanderers Gold, in the Women’s final
The Over 35s final ended in a draw between Hawks Hasbeens (orange) and the Kawungan Sandy Straits Jets … the players decided not to go ahead with a penalty shootout
Tiger Kings (in yellow) downed Surfers Paradise Apollo in a tight Men’s final


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