Victorian driver Brock Atkins is the new “King of Kingaroy” after taking out the A Main final of the Kings Royal … the competition was raced over three nights Kingaroy Speedway

January 30, 2022

The 2022 Kings Royal speedway meeting in Kingaroy “exceeded expectations” with crowds better than expected across the three nights and the racing as exciting as ever.

The main attraction was the $10,000 Kings Royal for Modified Sedans which was raced across the three nights with heats, followed by special “dashes” and “shuffles” to determine pole positions for the 50-lap final on Sunday night.

Speedway Club president Tanya Barron admitted there had been uncertainty in the lead-up about crowd numbers.

“We didn’t know how many we were going to get, honestly. Some people just want to get out and live again, and some people don’t want to go out,” she said.

But the size of the Friday night crowd had taken them by surprise – one of the largest crowds the club has enjoyed on a non-traditional speedway night.

There were also good crowd numbers on Saturday and Sunday, but the pandemic did have an effect, with numbers down on 2020 (the last time the event was run).

Racing was keen across the three nights, with action in Production Sedans, Modlites, Street Stocks and Juniors as well as the Kings Royal and Queens Royal.

The Kings Royal has the largest prize money offered on the Modified Sedans circuit, which means the racing is always hectic.

The B Main – the last chance to make it into the final – included multiple stoppages after pile-ups.

Many expected the A Main final to be the same, but the racing went smoothly from the green light with the first yellow coming on Lap 25.

2019 Kings Royal winner Aidan Raymont and 2020 winner (and national champion) Kye Walters battled it out during the first stages.

The pair started on the front row and raced side-by-side for many laps.

Walters eventually retired on Lap 25 with a steering issue and Raymont – after recording the fastest lap time in the race – pulled out on Lap 40 with a flat tyre.

This allowed Victorian Brock Atkins to take the lead with 11 laps to go, and secure the biggest payday of his career so far.

Gary Pagel was second, narrowly ahead of Brenton Scott and Kingaroy’s Brett Barron, the only drivers to finish on Lap 50.

The next race at the Kingaroy Speedway will be held on March 19 and will feature Super Sedans, Street Stocks, Production Sedans, Junior Sedans and Legend Cars.

This will be followed by two huge meetings in April: the National Production Sedan Title at Easter on April 15-17, and a week later the Production Sedan Stampede on April 23-24.

[All photos by Denise Keelan Photography. Photos can be ordered online]

The former “Kings of Kingaroy” Aidan Raymont and Kye Walters battle it out in the Kings Royal final … the pair started on the front row in the 50-lap final
In the final of the Junior Sedans Top Stars on Friday night, Joshua Ciesiolka’s sedan took off during Lap 2 (top) and crashed into the bonnet of Harry Fowler … the spectacular crash even made it on to Channel 7’s Sunshine morning show (a pity the hosts didn’t mention it happened in Kingaroy!)
Action from the Queens Royal Top Stars on Friday night
Sarah Franz was crowned Queen after the Queen’s Royal Top Stars final
Chantelle Small, part of the Barbeler racing team, dominated in the Queens Royal New Stars final
Darren Ciesiolka, Nathan Barbeler, Matt Nelson and eventual winner Jason Duell in the final of the Street Stocks
Carnage at the start of the Modlites final on Sunday night
Rory Evans, Daniel Henshaw and Nathan Barbeler battle it out in the Production Sedans final … Kingaroy Speedway will be hosting the National Production Sedan Title at Easter
Riley Killick rolls in the Junior Sedans New Stars on Friday night …
… track officials were quickly on the scene to help Riley emerge from the wreck unscathed

* * *


The Kings Royal podium … Brett Barron (4th), Gary Pagel (2nd), Brock Atkins (1st), Brenton Scott (3rd) and Mason Cameron (5th)

Kings Royal (Sunday)

1. Brock Atkins
2. Gary Pagel
3. Brenton Scott
4. Brett Barron
5. Mason Cameron

Street Stocks (Sunday)

1. Jason Duell
2. Darren Ciesiolka
3. Nathan Barbeler

Modlites (Sunday)

1. Brodie Boss
2. Sam Gollschewsky
3. Terry Leerentveld

Production Sedans (Saturday)

1. Rory Evans
2. Nathan Barbeler
3. Daniel Henshaw

Junior Sedans – Top Stars (Friday)

1. Kurtis Peall
2. Kaine Richters
3. Jayden Hancock

Junior Sedans – New Stars (Friday) 

1. Jorja Woolfe
2. Noel Petersen
3. Riley Hutchison

Queens Royal – Top Stars (Friday)

1. Sarah Franz
2. Dakota Laverty
3. Jessica O’Meara

Queens Royal – New Stars (Friday)

1. Chantelle Small
2. Natasha Mohr
3. Shell Yarrow

External link: Full Race Results

The Queen’s Royal Top Stars podium … Dakota Laverty (2nd), Sarah Franz (1st) and Jessica O’Meara (3rd)
The Queen’s Royal New Stars podium … Natasha Mohr (2nd), Chantelle Small (1st) and Shell Yarrow (3rd)


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