Ned Perrett shows some of the mustering skills that won him first place in the Maiden Draft at this year’s Mt Stanley Muster (Photo: Mary Lou Emmet)

November 15, 2021

The Mt Stanley Muster Committee restored a long-standing tradition recently when it held the first Mt Stanley Campdraft in a decade.

The muster began its life in 1963 and continued to be a popular annual event in the Upper Brisbane Valley for the next 48 years until ongoing droughts and an ageing committee put it on hold in 2011.

But a newly formed committee intent on bringing the popular event back to life spent a large part of this year restoring and upgrading Mt Lindsay’s campdraft grounds to ensure they were fit for purpose.

And after trialling them with a ranch sorting event in September, the committee quietly relaunched the Muster last month as a weekend-long event featuring Novice, Maiden, Junior, Juvenile, Mini and Open Drafts.

The event attracted strong fields of competitors and officials hope this will expand in future years as the Muster resumes its place in the campdrafting circuit.

Kate Dohle told a special highlight of this year’s event occurred on the Saturday night when Muster officials held a Charity Auction of donated prizes.

Half the auction’s proceed were donated to Capricorn Helicopter Rescue in memory of the late Peter Little, whose widow, son and extended extended family attended the event.

Ryder Weston won this year’s Mt Stanley Mini Draft, then went for a ride with dad Cam (Photo: Mary Lou Emmet)
This year’s muster drew a wide field of young competitors, including Ryan Draper who was accompanied by his dad Clay (Photo: Mary Lou Emmet)
Cora Weston with her dad Phill line up for the Mini Draft (Photo: Mary Lou Emmet)

* * *

A large field of competitors camped over at the refurbished Mt Stanley grounds for the duration of this year’s campdraft (Photo: Mary Lou Emmet)

Mt Stanley Campdraft Results:

Open Draft
1st: Joel Hill – Tiny
2nd: John Falconer – Sorrento
3rd: Troy McSweeney – Eagle Brave
3rd: Tom Little – Elvis
5th: Rod Tinney – Commanche Roc
6th: Ryan Brown – Danny
7th: Wayne Josey – Peregrine
8th: John Dohle – Stretch
9th: Ned Perrett – Cluso
10th: Cameron Weston – Sureshot Vigil

Novice Draft
1st: Joel Hill – Olivia
2nd: Midge Thompson – Miss Elly Doc
3rd: Jodie Accornero – Please
4th: Ned Perrett – Cluso
4th: Wayne Joset – Gibbos Duck & Weave
6th: Ben Fogg – Back Chat
7th: Ned Perrett – Town Boy
7th: Eddie McBean – Dalton

Maiden Draft
1st: Ned Perrett – Town Boy
2nd: Shane Thackeray – Donald
3rd: Luke McEwan – Radkes Lacey
3rd: John Dohle – Ruby
3rd: Tom Little – Rose Gold
3rd: Helen Little – Larrikin
3rd: Ross Kilpatrick – Champagne

Juvenile Draft
1st: Dakota Collins – Bud
2nd: Jorgie Jeffrey – RJ
3rd: Jorgie Jeffrey – Peppy
4th: Kora Williams – Peptos Diamond
5th: Clay Hockey – Spicey
6th: Kasey Scott – Matilda
6th: Kora Williams – Lucy

Junior Draft
1st: Eli Potter – Durack Jack
2nd: Matilda Bostock – Brigalow
3rd: Jack Jeffrey – Acre Rey
4th: Lucy Needer – Billie
5th: Brodie Kubler – Resistance
6th: Jack Jeffrey – JJ’s Rockin Robin

Mini Draft
1st: Ryder Weston – Sureshot Vigil
2nd: Milla Creagh – Emma
3rd: Riley Roberton – Clancy
4th: Willow Potter – Tina

The campdraft grounds as they looked when the first muster was held in 1963 – note that the perimeter fence at that time was formed by a circle of competitor’s cars


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