The MiG-29 fighter roared across the Booie sky … it was powered by a mini turbine engine using real jet fuel

October 26, 2021

Did you spot the MiG-29 jet fighter buzzing Kingaroy paddocks at the weekend? Or perhaps the Japanese Zero coming into land?

Then there was the dogfight between World War I biplanes …

The warbirds belonged to members of the Southern Cross Air Force, a keen bunch of aero-modellers who brought their scaled-down aircraft to the South Burnett for a social weekend of flying.

The Kingaroy Aero Modellers Society (KAMS) hosted the two-day fly-in at their clubgrounds.

Thirty pilots took part in the event, with many camping over at the grounds.

KAMS vice-president Darryl Dove said all the Southern Cross Air Force (SCAF) models must be based on aircraft that have been used for military purposes … by any country, at any time, including trainers, fighters, bombers and helicopters.

World War II Axis aircraft joined Soviet aircraft and the USAF’s F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft in the skies over Booie.

SCAF president Nic Case, from Tin Can Bay, said it was the first time the club had held a social weekend in Kingaroy and thanked KAMS for their hospitality.

The Mitsubishi Zero did a victory roll as it crossed the airfield … did we miss something?
KAMS vice-president Darryl Dove with SCAF president Nic Case and a 1/4 scale Fokker Wulf 190A, running a five-cylinder radial engine … the Fokker Wulf model is owned by Dave Martin, from Redcliffe
John Carney, from Burpengary, was doing some running repairs to his MiG-29 jet fighter
Dave Martin with another of his models … a USAF F-117 stealth attack aircraft
Peter Love, from Toowoomba, with his World War I era Fokker D.VII … the formidable German design meant many of the real aircraft were confiscated by the Allies after the Armistice and put to work in the USA and Great Britain
Aaron O’Neill, from Munruben, with another Fokker Wulf 190A … note the “blood” near the cockpit from the “wounded” pilot


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  1. Thank you South Burnett Online for your ongoing support and coverage of the Kingaroy Aero Modellers Society (KAMS) events and activities to promote the sport/hobby of Aeromodelling in the South Burnett – John Box, KAMS President/Secretary

    Will put the link on our SCAF website – a terrific article and fantastic clear photos – Nic Case, President Southern Cross Air Force (SCAF – Warbirds)

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