Sarah Castle, 8, from Helidon, won the Mini Draft on ‘Junior’

April 21, 2021

The Golden Spurs campdraft, held at Proston Showgrounds at the weekend, was one of the biggest yet according to organisers.

A total of 906 nominations were received for the three-day event.

Competition started at 7:00am on Friday and continued until Sunday afternoon.

It’s been a big 12 months for Jacinta Rockemer, from Booubyjan, who won the Maiden Draft after a three-way tie.

Earlier this year she was sashed 2021 Miss Goomeri Showgirl.

And late last year she was a finalist in the Queensland Training Awards (Darling Downs South West Region) as School-Based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year.

Andrew Ramke competing on ‘Rosie’ in the Junior Draft
Reba Whitfield came second in the Junior Draft on ‘Lethals Distinction’
Shari Wilkinson was third in the Junior Draft on ‘Minnie Girl’

* * *

Proston Golden Spurs Results

The morning briefing for riders on Saturday in front of the camp (Photo: Kristy Frahm)

Graham Blanch Memorial Open

1. Joe Payne – ‘Cashmont Bling’

2. Sam Campbell – ‘The Braes Windsong’

3. Brendan Fitzgerald – ‘All That Style’

Dunlop Santas Restricted Open

1. Richard Blanch – ‘Jackson’

2. Brian Elliott – ‘Alf’

3. Rory Fitzgerald – ‘Blue Chip’

Robin Hartwig Memorial Novice

1. Andrew Winks – ‘Woolerina Design’

2. Ned Perrett – ‘H’

Equal 3. Rod Cotter – ‘Jed-I’

Equal 3. Malcolm Ryan – ‘Ryan’s Combat’

Jeff Rickhards Memorial Maiden

1. Jacinta Rockemer – ‘BJ’

2. Lindsay Anderson – ‘Tocal Law And Order’

3. Lloyd Stranks – ‘Zara’


1. Sonya Plant – ‘Kool Change’

2. Charlotte Winks – ‘Woolerina Duet’

3. Cody Ryan – ‘Savanna’


1. Cooper Bradshaw – ‘Spitfire’

2. Reba Whitfield – ‘Lethals Distinction’

3. Shari Wilkinson – ‘Minnie Girl’


1. Sarah Castle – ‘Junior’

2. Rory Blokland – ‘Boo Boo’

3. Milla Creagh – ‘Tassa’s Dancing Queen’

Spectators watch the Golden Spurs action at Proston Showgrounds on Saturday (Photo: Kristy Frahm)

* * *

Yarraman Wild Horse

Results from the Yarraman Wild Horse Campdraft held at Yarraman Showgrounds on April 11:


1. Josh Hurley – ‘Reality Red’

Equal 2. Mark Sherlock – ‘Hiccup’

Equal 2. Jye Banks – ‘Miss Bandit’


1. Holly Barron – ‘Prestige’

2. Archie Lord – ‘Abdana’

3. Cody Ryan – ‘Savanna’


1. Kaylah Ford – ‘Benji Buttons’

2. Jasmine Sippel – ‘Kahlua’

Equal 3. Lincoln Kennedy Frame – ‘Tiny’

Equal 3. Jack Jeffrey – ‘Acre Rey’


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