The new portfolio roles for South Burnett councillors were announced on Wednesday

April 29, 2020

Some major changes in portfolio responsibilities were announced at South Burnett Regional Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting – livestreamed on Council’s website – was the first full meeting held since the recent Local Government elections.

Division 6 councillor Scott Henschen has been given responsibility for Rural Services, Natural Resource Management and Planning.

Division 5 councillor Kathy Duff will retain responsibility for Parks and Gardens and Indigenous Affairs as well as taking on the new role of Rural Resilience and assuming responsibility for Property and Facility Management.

Responsibility for economic development – formerly a mayoral portfolio – has been given to Division 4 councillor Kirstie Schumacher.

Mayor Brett Otto has taken over the Finance and IT duties formerly handled by Cr Ros Heit.

Other returning councillors have been reassigned to their former portfolios, with some small changes.

Cr Roz Frohloff (Division 1) has swapped Sport and Recreation for Local Disaster Management, but retains responsibility for Water, Wastewater and Waste.

Cr Danita Potter (Division 3) retains Community, Arts and Heritage, but has now added Sport and Recreation to her list.

Cr Gavin Jones (Division 2) retains his Roads portfolio.

The new portfolio responsibilities are:

  • Mayor Brett Otto: Social and Corporate Performance; People and Culture; Communications and Media; Finance and ICT
  • Cr Kathy Duff: Rural Resilience; Parks and Gardens; Property and Facility Management; Indigenous Affairs
  • Cr Danita Potter: Community; Arts; Heritage; Sport and Recreation
  • Cr Roz Frohloff: Water, Wastewater and Waste; Local Disaster Management
  • Cr Gavin Jones: Roads and Drainage
  • Cr Kirstie Schumacher: Economic Development incorporating industry, agriculture, water security and tourism
  • Cr Scott Henschen: Rural Services; Natural Resource Management; Planning; Compliance Services

The portfolio system was introduced by former Mayor Wayne Kratzmann in 2012.

It allows ratepayers and residents to easily identify which councillor to approach about particular issues.

Portfolios also allow councillors to obtain detailed knowledge about specific sections of Council’s operations.



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  1. How does a portfolio like planning end up with a first term councillor when there are four continuing councillors? Watch the bureaucrats have a field day. Good luck Hook, you’ll need it, old mate.

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