Contestants patiently wait for their turn in the ring at this year’s Manumbar Campdraft

May 7, 2015

This year’s Manumbar Campdraft had an unusual extra feature: an Anzac Day Dawn Service.

The campdraft ran over the Anzac Day weekend, and since competition was scheduled to start at 6:30am on Saturday, campdraft organizers began the weekend’s proceedings half an hour earlier with a 6:00am commemoration.

“The Australian Campdraft Association recommended any draft held on Anzac Day should have a minute’s silence,” Manumbar Campdraft and Hall Association secretary.Merle Richards said.

“But we had the music and other things on tape, so we expanded on that.”

This year’s campdraft ran against the three-day Proston Golden Spurs, but the apparent competition caused no harm to either event.

Merle said nomination numbers were very strong and the level of competition was high.

“The cattle were in good condition this year and the weather over the two days was just perfect.”

There were a few spills, including a young boy who fell face-down during practice and had to be airlifted out by the CareFlight Rescue Helicopter, but nothing life-threatening.

“Overall, we were very pleased with the turnout and I think everyone who took part had a good time, too,” Merle said.

[Photos: Keren Mcsweeney Photography]

The cattle were sprightly and the weather was perfect, which encouraged good scores
Spectators showed keen interest
Many turned in good runs
Drafting went from morning…
… until late in the afternoon
As always, some cattle proved annoyingly single minded and uncompliant

* * *

2015 Manumbar Campdraft Results


Paul McEwen – Lawmans Risk – 176
Bruce Knight – Wildfire – 175
Brodie Hurley – Jannie – 173
John Falconer – Trinity – 171
Ian Ferriday – Jewel – 171
Phillip Matthews – Midnight Flame – 169
Dean Warren – Georgie – 169


Shane Corbould – McConachie – 258
Dan Richards – Rebel – 257
Ben Caslick – Kooloombah Hope – 249
Bernie Hunter – Peppered Acres 245
John Doyle – Seligman’s Destiny – 236
Brodie Hurley – Legacy – 236


Rod Cotter – Oakey – 86
Shane Corbould – Maybelline – 84
Barry Hockey – Sophie – 84
Joshua Hurley – Little Susie – 84
Kevin King – Tully – 83
Dan Richards – Maria – 83
Ben Woodrow – Harlequin – 83
Ross Clark – Britany – 82
Michael Jeffrey – RJ – 82
Max Lucht – Pidgeon – 82
Susan Mayne – Bobby Sox – 82
Madeline Rockemer – BJ – 82


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