Selected to play for Queensland ... Laura Gray, Renee Irvine and Courtney Sippel
The seven South Burnett cricketers who played for Wide Bay (in white) plus Katherine Rose and Bridget Madigan who were picked for the President's XI

October 24, 2012

Three young South Burnett cricketers have been selected to play for the Queensland  U12s schoolgirls team following Wide Bay’s victory in the two-day selection championships played at the weekend in Brisbane.

The girls who have earned a cap are Courtney Sippel and Renee Irvine (Murgon club) and Laura Gray (Kingaroy club).

Seven South Burnett girls played for the Wide Bay team: Sippel (captain), Irvine (joint vice-captain),  Gray, Hannah Allcock (joint vice-captain, from Murgon), Kathryn Kidman (Tanduringie State School) and Nanango State School’s Lavina Turner and Emma Calvert.

Two South Burnett players were picked for the President’s XI: Katherine Rose (joint captain) from Murgon & District Cricket Club and Bridget Madigan (joint captain) from Nanango State School.

The teams each played 25-over matches and batted 12 players.

Each batter had to retire at 30 runs; retirement before 30 runs constituted a forced retirement and was considered a wicket.

As this was a selection carnival, each team was required to bat out the full 25 overs even if they had already passed the opposition score.


Saturday, October 20

Match 1 – Wide Bay defeated Metropolitan West
Met West batted first and made 10/133 off 25 overs. Wide Bay bowlers: Renee Irvine 2/25 off 4.1 overs, Laura Gray 4/22 off 5, Hannah Allcock 1/7 off 3, Courtney Sippel 1/21 off 3, Emma Calvert 0/11 off 2, and Kathryn Kidman 0/15 off 2. In reply, Wide Bay made 6/150. Courtney Sippel was bowled for 29 off 43 balls, Renee Irvine was caught for 21 off 21, and Hannah Allcock retired for 30 off 39 balls

Match 2 – Wide Bay defeated Capricornia
Capricornia batted first and were 9/69 off 25 overs. Wide Bay bowlers: Renee Irvine 0/34 off 5, Laura Gray 1/5 off 5, Hannah Allcock an amazing 4/3 off 3, and Courtney Sippel 0/5 off 3. In reply, Wide Bay made 6/130 off 25 overs. Courtney Sippel retired at 31 off 51 balls, Renee Irvine was caught for 29 off 21, Hannah Allcock forced retirement for 12 off 14 balls.

Sunday, October 21

Match 1 – Wide Bay defeated Presidents XI
Wide Bay batted first and made 3/189.  Courtney Sippel was bowled for 24 off 29 balls, Renee Irvine retired at 32 off 25, Hannah Allcock retired at 30 off 36. For the President’s XI, Katherine Rose bowled 0/23 off 3 overs. In reply, the President’s XI were 10/44. Wide Bay bowlers: Renee Irvine 4/19 off 3, Laura Gray 1/5 off 3, Hannah Allcock 0/8 off 3, Courtney Sippel 0/2 off 1, Kathryn Kidman 0,2 off 1

Match 2  (1st in Pool A Wide Bay vs 2nd in Pool B Met North) – Semi-final
Met North batted first and were 6/65 off 25 overs. Wide Bay bowlers: Renee Irvine 1/15 off 5, Laura Gray 2/5 off 3, Hannah Allcock 0/6 off 3, Courtney Sippel 0/9 off 2, Emma Calvert 1/1 off 2, Kathryn Kidman 0/2 off 1, Lavina Turner 0/9 off 2. In reply, Wide Bay made 6/95 off 25 overs. Renee Irvine forced retirement 16 off 22 balls.

Wide Bay v Metropolitan West
Met West batted first and made 10/100. Wide Bay bowlers: Renee Irvine 1/19 off 5, Laura Gray 3/8 off 5, Hannah Allcock 1/10 off 4, Courtney Sippel 1/17 off 4, Kathryn Kidman 3/15 off 3. In reply, Wide Bay made 10/101 to win the final and the Championship. Courtney Sippel was bowled for 12 off 20 balls, Kathryn Kidman made 7 off 6, Emma Calvert 2 off 18, Laura Gray 7 n/o off 17, and Lavina Turner 1 n/o off 1.

* * *

Three players from each of the four States that attend the annual National Exchange competition are selected to form an Invitational Team. 

Kathryn Kidman, from Tanduringie State School, was selected in the Invitational Team.

This year, the National Exchange will be held in the Barossa Valley from December 9-15.

The girls will have training for one week in Bundaberg prior to flying to Adelaide on December 8.  During the National Exchange, the players are given one rest day and one morning skills session which is combined with an educational excursion in the afternoon.

[Photos: Leanne Sippel]