“Dingo” Simon Stretton with the South Burnett Educational Wildlife Support Group Inc’s new van

December 15, 2017

“Dingo” Simon’s fundraising to buy a “wildlife ambulance” has paid off, with the South Burnett Educational Wildlife Support Group Inc now the proud owner of a modern Mercedes van.

Simon Stretton, from the Durong Dingo Sanctuary, has been called on four times over the past 12 months to relocate native wildlife – including dingoes – to registered sanctuaries or zoos.

These trips have included one to Victoria, and another to take a nine-month-old dingo pup that had been fostered illegally as a pet in western Queensland from a Council pound to a sanctuary in NSW.

The vehicle he had been using, a 2001 model Sprinter, was proving too expensive to run and was also mechanically unreliable.

South Burnett Educational Wildlife Support Group launched a GoFundMe page earlier this year and Simon began the hunt for a new vehicle.

The answer came in the form of a secondhand 2007 Mercedes ambulance at a government auction.

Simon is now fitting out the vehicle for animal transportation and has had dramatic graphics placed along the side.

As well as emergency transport, he will also use the vehicle when he is taking Dingo Sanctuary animals to school displays or shows.

“I am hoping to get out to one school a month,” he said.

Honey, an Alpine Dingo, with Simon Stretton in Kingaroy this week
Honey demonstrates one of the carrying crates which have been fitted into the former ambulance


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  1. Over the moon to see Simon’s hard work rewarded – with educational programs like his, hopefully one day soon we will see this apex predator restored to its essential role in balancing the ecosystem.

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