Matthew Kenny (South Burnett CTC) with David Black and Vince Evans (Kingaroy Rotary), South Burnett CTC Youth and Community Services manager Kirsten Firman and Ray Pitt (Kingaroy Rotary)

May 22, 2020

Feeling a bit chilly these mornings? So how would you like to be sleeping in your car? On a friend’s floor? Or maybe camped out somewhere?

Sadly, that’s the reality for individuals, couples and even families in the South Burnett at the moment according to South Burnett CTC Youth and Community Services manager Kirsten Firman.

There’s emergency accommodation available for women who have been the victims of domestic violence, and for young people aged up to 18.

But there’s very little public housing available which means people that don’t fit into these categories are usually couch surfing or living rough.

Very often they have to stay in the region for multiple reasons which means they have few choices …

Kingaroy Rotary Club has dug deep to help out in a practical way, donating eight “backpack beds” – valued at $110 each – to South Burnett CTC to distribute to people in emergencies.

The swags come in lightweight but tough backpack bags.

The beds are easy to roll out, have a built-in mattress and storage pockets. They are also water and windproof.

Kirsten said CTC would add some sleeping bags to put inside the swags.

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