Senior School Captains . . . Olivia Eriksen (Captain and President of the Student Council), Lachlan Hansen-Crawford (Captain and Vice-President of the Student Council), Toby Schmidt (Vice-Captain, Treasurer of the Student Council and Choir Captain) and Asha Cooper (Vice-Captain and Secretary of the Student Council)

Maxine Tessmann presented the Stefan Planinc Bursary to Kaishalee Driver … the bursary honours a former member of the Kingaroy Apex Club who died in 1962, and is presented annually to a student who showed conscientious application to their studies in Year 11

March 6, 2020

Kingaroy State High School’s sports auditorium was filled to overflowing on Monday for the school’s annual Student Investiture ceremony.

Proud parents lined the walls to watch the presentation ceremonies as well enjoy performances by the Symphonic Band and Vocal Group.

Principal Ashley Roediger said it was daunting to see the increase in enrolment this year.

There were 320 new students –  including 216 Year 7s – at the school, taking the total enrolment to 1180.

There were also 14 new staff members.

He said the school leaders in 2020 were an “exceptional” group of young men and women and he expected a great future for them.

“There are many, many cases of past students who have gone on to achieve great things,” he said.

The special guest speaker at the Investiture ceremony was Cr Danita Potter, a former student at the school.

Her topic was leadership … and the many different styles of leadership.

Cr Potter said there were more than 1100 potential Prime Ministers in the room.

“What matters is that you never stop trying to be a better leader, a better person or a better friend,” she said.

Kingaroy State High School Principal Ashley Roediger, second from right, with special guests Education Queensland Assistant Regional Director Deb Hails, South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell and guest speaker Cr Danita Potter

School Captains Lachlan Hansen-Crawford and Olivia Eriksen delivered the vote of thanks and Captain’s Address

Kingaroy State School Principal Masina Taule’alo and KSHS Deputy Principal Lloyd Fairbairn helped distribute certificates
Maxine Tessmann, from the Kingaroy RSL Club, presented the Kingaroy RSL Hospitality Awards to Vanessa Kissick and Xiana Hansen
Year 7 Form Captains … Izabelle Schweigert (7A), Courtney Kruse (7B), Tasleigh Gangemi (7C), Trinity Ballin (7D), James Whiteman (7E), Ryder Monteith (7F), Chris Regino (7G), Liam Cullen (7H) and Samantha King (7I)
Year 8 Form Captains … Abbey Smith (8A), Thomas Waring (8B), Kinzie Campbell (8C), Indy Eriksen (8D), Indi Bruce (8E), Eliza Humphrey (8F), Mikayla Quinn (8G) and Laura-Jane Davey (8H)
Year 9 Form Captains … Destinee-Kiara Moss (9A), Kirra Glenwright (9B), Megan Underwood (9C), Abigail Roselio (9D), Veronica May (9E), Nathan Hartley (9F), Emma Dippenaar (9G), Rebecca Provan (9H) and Josh Freeman (9I)
Year 10 Form Captains … Bonnie Brunner (10A), Selina Hansen (10B), Eden Brandon (10C), Steffanie Humphries (10D), Kristy Young (10E), Bridie Prendergast (10F), Phoebe Day (10G), Miguel Macasaet (10H) and Emma Wilks (10I absent)
Year 11 Form Captains . . . Trinity Rose (11A), Ellouise Hansen (11B), Hannah Woodard-White (11C), Lily Eeles (11D), Isaac Kelly (11E), Harry Tessmann (11F), Katelyn Whyles (11G) and Kaitlin Thompson (11H)
Year 12 Form Captains . . . Nicholas Underwood (12A), Noelana Rossow (12B), Cory Neal (12C), Mitchell Quinn (12D), Jess Houghton (12E) and Aimee Barron (12F)
Band, Choir and Dance Captains … Jaden Heness (Band), Tia Harm (Band), Timothy Blanch (Choir), Steph Richardson (Dance) and Deanne-Lee Tearle (Dance)
Indigenous Leaders . . . Jayden Barnes-Padgett (Senior Leader), Angelina Phillips-Petersen (Senior Leader), Braith Crossingham (Junior Leader) and Harmony Hall (Junior Leader)
House Captains . . . Connor Hyde (Bradfield), Tiarna Hurt (Bradfield), Zayne Jensen (Lavarack), Chelsea Whye (Palmer), Cody Carroll (Palmer), Charlotte Taffe (Youngman) and Hannah Armstrong (Youngman)
Committee Chairpersons . . . Jasmine Whye (Student Welfare), Olivia Almond (Media), Emma Hilsley (Environmental), Darcy Church (Recreational), Kamorl Petersen-Jiamtsu (Cultural) and Sarah Underwood (Community)
Junior Secondary School Captains . . . Jamaica Evangelista (Jnr Girl Captain – Cultural), Karl Macasaet (Jnr Boy Captain – Social), Remy Favier (Jnr Vice-Captain – Environment), Fletch Prendergast (Jnr Vice-Captain – Recreational), Pyper Connelly (Jnr Vice-Captain – Community) and Jett Johnson (Jnr Vice-Captain – Media)
The KSHS Sports Auditorium was filled for the annual Student Investiture ceremony

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